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    As his program crash-landed at rock bottom Saturday at South Carolina, John Calipari excused himself from the proceedings. He got himself tossed by the officials, and then blew off the press conference after his Kentucky Wildcats lost to a team ranked No. 178 in America according to the RPI.

    When the going got tough, Cal got out.

    It was a nostalgic flashback to December, when Calipari made a four-minute postgame interview appearance after losing to Baylor, then abruptly got up and left when the first question was directed toward one of his players. His freshmen sat there and answered the rest of the queries without him.

    Had Calipari shown up to answer questions Saturday after the worst defeat of his Kentucky tenure, instead of sending assistant John Robic and two freshmen to the interview room, here are the questions Calipari should have been asked.

    One thing I will say….Pat Forde doesn’t know much about Ryan Harrow. That ‘poor kid’ whose never integrated no matter where he has attended.

    Q: Is it still Ryan Harrow’s fault? That poor kid – who you recruited – was the scapegoat last year. He was the point guard who didn’t run the team the way you wanted, and thus was run off to Georgia State. Archie Goodwin went pro with minimum lamentation. Kyle Wiltjer transferred, and nobody blinked. They all left under a cloud of blame that accompanied a trip to the NIT and a humiliating first-round loss to Robert Morris.


    Cal has no class? No way…


    To borrow a phrase from baseball – “flags fly forever.”

    A lost 2012-13, and a sputtering 2013-14 are a small price to pay for the 2011-12 national championship, no?


    a sputtering 2013-14

    Calling a season headed for a 4-5 seed “sputtering” is an extremely high standard. 😉

    The pressure to print “something” leads to a lot of nonsense being printed in the sports section. Pile that pressure on the mentally challenged and the trash piles up much faster than the content worth reading. I frequently go to yahoo sports. I rarely read Forde’s stuff.


    No pain suffered by Kentucky is enough to satisfy me. Coach Case is smiling at this. It just boggles my mind how Cal gets a pass on the Derrick Rose situation. When a guy from Chicago fails to get the required number on the SAT 3 or 4 times and suddenly takes the test in Detroit and makes the number it doesn’t take an AFAM graduate to figure out what happened.


    VA – very true. We could only hope to sputter so much! It’s only in relation to all the pre-season “will UK go undefeated like Indiana ’77-ish?” talk.

    We knew all we needed to about Ryan Harrow’s character (he’s just a weak kid) when he let Lowe and/or his handlers ghost write that not-so-subtle threat about only playing for Lowe, not NC State. When that came out, we should have fired Sid immediately, and wished Mr. Harrow well in his future endeavors.

    Calipari would have been AWESOME here. He would have embraced the “local villain” role, and gotten in K’s and Roy’s heads. Hell, Roy would probably be dead or in a straitjacket by now. Sigh…


    … Tag this story this way….
    1. Give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself.
    2. Pigs get fat and Hogs get slaughtered….

    … Maybe the title of the story ought to be….

    Architect of “One and Done” goes One for Five…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    .. well.. the not-so-wildCats eked out a tough victory against an excellent Alabama Five down in Tusks-r-looser lastnight…

    One E$pin common-tator suggested after the not-so-wildCats disaster in Columbia last Saturday that some of MacFiveOneAndDoners had ‘tuned Calipari’s season of yelling and screaming’ completely out… obviously not understanding the criticism was genuine and sincerely in their best interests…

    so what’s a Coach to do…

    when his star recruit(s) say “F-you Coach..”
    with a week left in the regular season and there’s no chance that player will be on your bench next season ??

    Inquiring minds want to know….
    ’cause this same Sh%t happens everywhere about this time of year….not just to teams who wear blue…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    hopefully, some of these guys are learning that going to the “SuperStar” team isn’t a guarantee of anything other than a loss of press on Even the other wunderkind (Parker, Wiggins, etc…) are getting more NCAA POY or at least FOY talk than Randall.

    Makes you wonder if Julius would have been better off either at State or in Texas. No matter what, he’s going pro and he’s gonna get paid. The only difference is by going to Kentucky, he’s had to share the spotlight more than he would pretty much anywhere else.


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