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    Yogi, that’s fine. I’m not saying our secondary didn’t knock down passes. They did, but most of them were bad passes. We’ll just have to agree to disagree as far as offense having more of an advantage in those kinds of conditions. Vegas disagrees as well. The totals in all the games played in our state dropped a whopping 10-12 points from where they opened.

    I’m not going to allow one game in a hurricane to shape my opinion of our defense. When I form my opinion I’ll look at the established track record rather than succumbing to recency bias combined with playing against a passing team in a hurricane. At this point there’s not enough evidence, for me personally, to think we’ve morphed into the Monsters of the Midway. That said, I’m not so dull as to not allow new information (i.e. defensive performance of upcoming several games) to potentially sway me off my position in the future. Too many people these days get entrenched in their original argument and are unwilling to change their mind based on new information.

    I’ve certainly been wrong before, and I’ll hope to be wrong next week. But I don’t think I am. And that’s MY opinion!


    I saw both last second knock downs in tight coverage and wide open ND receivers dropping point blank passes to the hands and gut especially in that last drive.

    Clemson blitzkried State 41-0 after an emotional home loss to FSU 56-41 in 2014. Very curious to see how this team plays this week. That 41 point shutout could have been 70.


    I am glad that our db’s left in isolation did not slip down and allow a badly thrown pass to be caught for a score. The single coverage allowed the Pack to stop the run imo.

    What game plan has a chance of working against Clemson, run the ball to shorten the game and keep it out of Clemson offensive hands and then run it some more maybe?


    3 yards and a cloud of dust is what we need vs. Clemson. If we can do that, along with controlling time of possession and winning the turnover battle, I think we can keep it close. I want us to win like anyone else does but most of all I want us to compete.


    We will struggle mightily to run against Clemson..their D is too stout. They are out for blood after barely beating Louisville.


    Good morning gents…

    Power’s back on down here after a windy night….

    here’s the middle ground on this Defense thing…

    1. We still GOTT a lot of work on technique and timing.
    2. We still are small and young, except for Jack Tojo..
    3. Coaches still have to have the right combination in the right sets
    4. The heart, the desire, will to win, make no mistakes, being in the right place-doing the right thing-at the right time, bend don’t break,

      for 60 minutes

    thing that we saw yesterday on the field and on the sidelines will NOT be forgotten.

    So we’ll just have to wait and see IF we can do the same on a sunny, dry field AND how that plays out the remainder of the season.

    In the meantime, let’s enjoy it — not argue ’bout it….


    As a Coach, given the choice outlined above OR the opposite faced by Hat/Chisek over in Orange County, no question we GOTT better chances….

    The Holes and their Fans simply failed to show up, obviously did not want to play, yesterday’s game. That’s not easily “blown off”. But then, what should one really expect at a school where less than 25% of the students are heterosexual males?

    speaking of the “will to win” and “being in the right place-doing the right thing-at the right time” thing…


    Hey Mark! Miami is still Miami, at least this season. Maybe you’ll do better against those Gatorholes, maybe not….

    Troll won his bet, but bill.onthebeach went 3 and 0 yesterday on “games of interest” while being “entertained” by Matthew….
    Best Saturday I’ve had this season!!

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    They just destroyed BC and have an extra day to prepare as if they need more time. Finley will need to be flawless.


    Just finished watching the Slip-n-Slide Bowl.

    * If we’d not come out on the winning end, I’d be angry that they played that game. That was a tough game to watch; holding my breath at every snap because you can’t take anything for granted.

    * I’ve never seen a crowd cheer more for an ugly, dead-duck field goal kick that barely made it over (that wasn’t at a pee-wee game). But I was cheering just as hard. Tough, tough conditions for the kickers.

    * Don’t understand why two hands weren’t on the ball at all times, especially in traffic.

    * Don’t know why they didn’t go for the all-out block on every punt. It’s not like they were able to get any kind of return and you knew that the punter needed an extra second to secure the ball before he could kick it. Thankfully it worked out even without the all-out block.

    * No stats (except for Matt Dayes and the defense) from that game should count toward season averages. That game was a stat killer.

    * That was fun to watch (on TV) and I’m glad the good guys prevailed. Notre Dame is not the team everyone expected at the beginning of the season, but it was nice to see a win against them no matter the circumstances.


    By the way, the Pack is on the homepage of everyone’s favorite four-letter organization’s homepage.


    Bill – regarding defense, IMHO, our problem is on the edges. We have strength in the middle – which is the key to stopping the most basic play in football, but we struggle in pass coverage and at times letting good running qbs get out of the pockets.

    To a certain extent, the way college defenses are defined – we have good college football defense…we stop the run – more or less. We struggle with the spread but so does everyone else (not named Bud Foster)….and we struggle with running qbs who can throw effectively.

    Next week will be interesting. Will we put up a fight or will it be a less embarrassing version of 2 years ago.


    Overall, as an armchair coach or critic, I WAS impressed with the Defense. However, in the fourth quarter (which we had the wind to our back….Remember that Forest Gump and Bob Seger know better than to “RUN” Against the Wind), we did drop our pass D. It seemed that we were satisfied to give up a few yards… prevent the BOMB. If the ND (Heisman talk) QB had launched a bomb, it might have boomeranged and got picked off…..

    SO, that worried me. It seemed like we were trying to let them had short yards to prevent a score. FINE strategy….IF there was only 20 seconds and they were on their own 20 Yd Line…..

    Unless we can conjure up a Hurricane, then it MIGHT be rough. Death Valley is always a tough venue…

    TIME will tell.

    BOTB….glad you are doing well and OK. We had to reroute on the way home from the stadium several times. US 1 South (beltline) was backed up so you could not get off Wade. This was after I stayed WAY late and bought a shirt as a treat to me. I was probably one of the last 100 that left the PNC lot. So, I proceeded east on Wade and picked up Gormon. OPPS….Water rising on Gormon between Avent Ferry and I-40. Then had to drive around (or under) trees for the next 5 miles. OPPS….no power. Get Genny set up. I did not expect it to come on today. Wake County is a mess. However, we did get power after Church. The main 13K feeder for some 5000 accounts was down on both Lake Wheeler and Penny Road. They got that back up….but our neighborhood has three feeds….two from Penny which are stable and underground. ONE on the back end where we are comes from Penny via a Tarzan style set-up where you need a tracked vehicle or a pontoon air boat. IT WAS STILL UP>>>>we have power.

    Yard is a mess. Had to cut down a dead 100 ft pine that had the common courtesy NOT to fall. It went down today….after my Husqvarna took charge.

    Flooding and water rescues are spooky….and I remember Floyd in 1999 and HOPE that we do not see that again. I had to drive on detours to get to a memorial service in Kinston from Raleigh….and on the way home….THAT detour was flooded.



    I hope all ya’ll are doing good too!

    Remember, high water or a chainsaw is as dangerous in some ways as a hurricane.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Easy to critique our defense:

    FAT guys = awesome sauce

    FAST guys = somewhat lacking (I woke up polite today, the debate must have chastened me)

    So…don’t give up on our guys if Clemson and ‘Ville ground us into a fine powder, as nobody else on the schedule is really capable of doing anything like that. Including FSU.


    Bjd – that’s what I am thinking. Looking at our problems last year, we were basically able to stop everyone but Clemson, UNC, FSU and Mississippi state.

    I think our game Saturday showed that if you negate the speed advantage and passing game, this D is just fine, if not above average. My biggest concern is that I don’t see any of those “speed guys” in the pipeline that allow us to slow down the explosive offenses, nor have I seen anything that indicates the staff will deviate significantly from their base d.


    I am glad that our db’s left in isolation did not slip down and allow a badly thrown pass to be caught for a score. The single coverage allowed the Pack to stop the run imo.

    What game plan has a chance of working against Clemson, run the ball to shorten the game and keep it out of Clemson offensive hands and then run it some more maybe?

    If we spike the orange Gatorade with Ex-Lax and play against their third string offense, we can keep it close. Otherwise this will be a name the score affair.


    Sat. game was for the almighty dollar with absolutely no regard for public safety. 40 and 95 were flooded by the end of the game and at least eleven have died over the weekend.


    Rthomas…the games are all for the almighty dollar without regard for public safety.

    Large events always have an element of danger and plenty of people stayed home. Some of us got our rain gear on and had a great time and have great memories.

    This doesn’t mean I don’t have sympathy and concern for those impacted in the worst way.


    I hope I am wrong, but I expect to see a lot more of the same “defense” that was on display against ECU.


    LSU vs FLA to be rescheduled , SC vs GA played Sunday
    Not everyone is so cavalier in hurricane conditions. I stand by” for the almighty dollar”. Public safety? Every game I’VE been to had almost as many cops and crowd control as fans. By the way, the w proves nothing
    . The game was reduced to a mud slinger, but a w is a w.


    Oh…It most certainly did prove something, something huge. It proved to themselves that they can win under extreme duress.

    That’s not just some platitude, either.


    The debate will rage. One can fault the Emergency Management folks, the incumbent governor, John Swofford, NCSU or ND or perhaps The Donald. What remains as facts are….

    When the decision was made, probably sometimes late Friday, the NWS and all the weather guru’s still have Matthew skimming the coast and heading out to sea and then making the pass at Florida again. It was NOT supposed to make landfall.

    THEN, Matthew has a mind of his own. He decides to make Landfall in SC (McClelandsville?) and does that around 11:00 AM on Saturday. So, Matthew came a little further WEST. I also think that even before Matthew took a LEFTY, that it was slowing down somewhat. The result was that the rains lasted longer and we also got more of the force of Matthew.

    I was at the game. I did have to do a little rerouting on the way home. I chose NOT to drive through a raging creek blocking Gormon. Avent’s Ferry was OK. There were two trees down, but neither blocked the road.

    The Governor did not reneg on the SHP to “cover the game”. Niki Haley of SC Gov Fame informed Ray Tanner that USC would NOT have their SHP force of 200 – 300 and that the roads would NOT be “restored to normal” in that the evacuation lanes were still going WEST.

    NC did not evacuate any areas near the triangle. I feel certain that if the NWS and the Local (State and TV) forecasters HAD been able to give a more definitive prediction, that the decision MIGHT have been reversed. BUT, you use the best info you have and make the call.

    I was glad it was held. I support Pat McCrory and his handling of the situation. As I have stated before, I am MORE critical of NCSU and the Tornadoes that hit the Spring Game. When there were warnings and radar signatures all over the map, then the game SHOULD have been called. But it was not. Memory tells me that MORE folks died that day than so far with Matthew in NC….


    The decision to hold the game or not would generate questions regardless. Not hold the game and Matty turned left quicker and moved quicker and with sunshine in Raleigh and there would be bitching why was the game cancelled. All mighty dollar? Yes to some extent but let the game be cancelled and sunshine in Raleigh on Sat and just hear the whining. It is really a loose loose situation. If weather forecasting was perfect things would be different but it is not. Driving looking in the rearview mirror gives one perspective but decision makers did not have that luxury when the decision was made.


    Well I’ve been on generator since Saturday noon. We are hoping to get power back today. Phone and internet just came back up. I actually got a hot shower today by turning off just about every breaker except the water heater. If the power comes back today it will have beaten Fran by a week. That was brutal.

    If you’d like a touch of irony here’s a story that’s hard to beat. My next door neighbor works for South River electric coop. He bought a 22KW generator through his work and it was delivered Wednesday. He had to get a code from Generac to fire it up after the gas company hook up LP for him on Friday. We worked most of the evening on Friday to get the wiring done and he was finishing it up Saturday as the storm was coming in. He fired it up and tried to get electrical output but nothing. Hidden way down in the documentation is one statement that only an authorized dealer has the code to allow the breaker to be shut. 22KW generator in place ready to go and could not use it at all. Yesterday he couldn’t get any dealer in the area to give him the code without them doing an inspection (at an additional cost of course) and next week was the soonest anyone would do it. I was standing beside him as he had this conversation. When he hung up he looked and me and said “it’s a good thing I couldn’t fire my gun at him through the phone cause he’d be dead right now”. I could feel his pain.

    Smarter than the average bear



    Thanks for sharing that. I only needed one day on my Genny. It is an 8KW Generac that has a 12KW surge and also has spike and surge protection. It was designed for office and field work where you had electronics. I have it down to a 15 minute drill. When we got home the other night, I manually raised the garage door and did two connections and had power. Due to the weather, I i opted to partially close the garage door and keep the genny under cover rather than putting it outside. I HAD built a leanto frame and had a poly tarp….mainly for snow protection….but the wind would have tested my bungee cord tie downs.

    I have also wired or set up about 10 homes over the past 20 years (after Fran) for generators. One was with a propane powered self contained 15KW Generac. That was my late MIL’s residence and I (and two licensed electricians that needed some weekend beer money) installed it and put in the emergency subpanel and the ATS.

    I backfeed ONE of my 200 Amp panels through my 50 Amp RV breaker and then run a 110 VAC line to my garage for the freezer and the door opener. With the ceiling fan circulating and the floor fan blowing on the Genny and the garage/kitchen people door closed, I felt that an CO2 issues were mitigated….

    I talked to folks at church last night that still have NO power. One is a resident of Raleigh….about 1/2 mile from Athens HS. The City (or Duke) has NO estimate for her. Another lives out my way and she and 2 others are on a “single” feed in their neighborhood….all around have power….but due to being only 3 customers, Sunday is her estimated restoration date….

    I entertained the idea of a higher capacity self contained unit with a large propane tank….somewhere in the 20 KW range. BUT, that would have entailed a $10K install and totally gutting a wall for an emergency panel and having a Wake County permit. I passed and went the 8KW way. I do have a back-up plan….bring my 40 Ft Motor Home HOME and live in it….



    Tell your neighbor that IF he has to pay for an inspection and startup, to check on the Software Rev Level on the unit. After a little curiosity searching this morning, depending on WHICH 22KW he has, Generac has done MANY, MANY SW updates on some units and the one that he might have, even though, new….MIGHT not be the latest and greatest. Do NOT know if you can access the SW rev level through a laptop or if you need special connector and/or special Generac programming/diagnostic SW….

    Wonder if you do an “upgrade”, will there be another “secret” SW password that you will need….Really great….how these Genny’s are so smart….they might need a computer to keep them running….

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