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    For those of you who may not have been stalking the football roster if you click on over you’ll see a boatload of changes. Some expected, s
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    I think the loss of Gray and Fordham bother me the most.

    We definitely don’t need to lose ANY offensive linemen. That stinks.

    We knew that we were going to see a youth movement anyway, but the loss of Gray further insures that some of the talented new recruits on the defensive line will have chances to play early.


    So, at a quick glance
    Sr – 18
    Jr – 16
    So – 27
    Fr – 29 not counting Freshmen joining in Summer.
    We are very young.
    It would be interesting to look at the numbers for O’Brien and Doeren. If we assign this past falls Freshmen that were originally recruited by O’Brien to O’Brien then some of the next years Freshmen are still his while there is a smattering of Doeren recruits in all the classes. Anybody have a handle on the recruiting such that they could break that out? Sorry for my ability to dream up work but not to carry it out.


    Those numbers further support my bias for recruiting a couple of JUCO transfers – particularly on the OL and at LB.

    Gee…I feel like I have to say that every year.


    No mention of Travares Copeland no longer on the roster. I expected TC to have a great career at NC State within DD’s system.


    Copeland was removed a few weeks ago.

    Fordham was not very good, his loss won’t be felt except from a depth standpoint.


    I didn’t realize just how young we’d be next year, but I think it serves the future well that lots of freshman and sophomores saw significant playing time last season. The incoming class is looking to be one of the better ones that we’ve seen on paper in awhile with a few guys that could make an immediate impact and there is still a month left to reel in a few more big fish.

    We might lose a couple of more between now and next fall too which will create some depth concerns, but that is systematic of a leadership/culture change in any organization. The sky is certainly not falling.

    Safety looks to be the biggest position of need at the moment so hopefully there is room to add 1 or 2 more in this class.


    Any additional information on Josh Mercer? Thought he was a big get last year. Thought he was a priority recruit for DD?


    Thanks for the roster updates, Jack, thay’s why I keep coming back to SFN for this kind of info. A bit off topic but football related: after getting a look @ ACC performance in bowl games thus far,

    Date Game Result
    Jan.03 Orange, Clemson 40, Ohio State 35
    Dec.31 Chick-fil-A, Texas A&M 52, Duke 48
    Dec.31 Sun, UCLA 42, Virginia Tech 12
    Dec.31 AdvoCare V100, Arizona 42, Boston College 19
    Dec.30 Music City, Ole Miss 25, Georgia Tech 17
    Dec.28 Russell Athletic, Louisville 36, Miami 9
    Dec.28 Belk, North Carolina 39, Cincinnati 17
    Dec.27 Texas, Syracuse 21, Minnesota 17
    Dec.27 Military, Marshall 31, Maryland 20
    Dec.26 Little Caesars, Pittsburgh 30, Bowling Green 27

    4-6 (a woeful 3-6 before Clemson’s impressive win last night), with 2 of the four wins coming from “new” (former Big Least conference) additions.

    I couldn’t help but think back to ESPN’s Heather Dinich projections after week 1, which were posted on SFN:

    With this arrangement:

    Discover Orange Bowl, Jan. 3: Clemson
    Allstate Sugar Bowl, Jan. 2: Florida State
    Chick-fil-A Bowl, Dec. 31: Miami
    Russell Athletic Bowl, Dec. 28: Georgia Tech
    Hyundai Sun Bowl, Dec. 31: Virginia Tech
    Belk Bowl, Dec. 28: North Carolina
    Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl, Dec. 30: Wake Forest
    Advocare V100 Bowl, Dec. 31: NC State
    Military Bowl, Dec. 27: Maryland

    Some of these were surprisingly spot on (i.e., unc, umd, & clem), while others were, well, not. Strikes me that 2 of the 4 wins for the ACC weren’t even considered by Dinich. But these results give me 2 other BIG concerns: 1 being that my pick for the Nat’l Championship may not be that sound considering the weak conference it ravaged; the other closer to home: how in the world could NCSU possibly go through the season & NOT get a win, even 1, in this conference.. There was talent left over from a team that went to a bowl. I guess I’ll have an uneasy 8-9 months until we tee-it up again.


    Well how about that – I was able to post! (??)

    I keep coming back to SFN but honestly, in this new format I can rarely ever post, let alone log in. Half the time my computer locks up & I have to exit the interwebs entirely.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Is it a browser issue? I use Internet Explorer..


    Football transfers are generally a red flag if its for playing time. Ergo, brissett may be tearing it up in practice, but…


    It may sound weird, but I’m kind of watching to see if we’ll have any staff changes, even if they’re coaching different positions. If so I doubt we’d see anything announced until after signing day, but I am still curious.

    With respect to the players, I would not at all be surprised to see marginal players getting pushed out or recruited over. I can’t really blame the staff and would probably do the same. There was nothing we had this year talent wise that should have suggested anyone was safe. They’ll get to play the “youth” and “their players” cards. We’re going to be really young this year and next year.

    DC_Wolf: Two quick points:
    1) I think FSU is winning tonight. They may not win by 2 TDs, but they’re winning. The SEC hasn’t looked that strong in bowls either. Had Duke not absolutely choked their game away, we’d be 5-5 but with our “top” programs scoring wins.

    2) Not winning a single game in conference was a huge red flag. Phoning it in against Maryland and getting handled by ECU was as well. We’d better hope we can recruit our way out of this mess and that DD and staff look at everything top to bottom.

    1.21 Jigawatts

    Guys I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing “youth” in the ACC, especially when every year BMFD would say it before the season started. Those raw numbers by class actually indicate a very unyoung class. Look when it comes to college football you always have guys who make it to a D1A program who just don’t work out and they transfer, so your classes keep getting smaller the longer they are on campus. The real key is looking at the age on the depth chart, that’ll tell you how young you are. As for the raw numbers 18/16 are likely average at worst. Just a little incite from someone who has spent way too much time looking at this stuff historically.


    Crisp now no longer on the roster.


    Hate to hear that about Crisp. Will try to check into it.

    Glad to know that Linton has made it in! That’s going to be big for us

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