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    USA Today has released the list of total revenues and expenses for all (public, or at least those that report) NCAA programs (here). Not surprising, T
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    Quick thoughts:
    – Those bigger TV deals are showing up.
    – Nice profit margins for some of these guys for what is supposed to be “amateurs.” There seems to be a lot of room in there for profit sharing.
    – This is what is tracked, reported and “above the board.” Imagine what is not tracked (both expenses and income).
    – Does anyone consistently do less with more than Iowa?
    – The “why can’t NC State be good at both football and basketball” crowd really needs to look hard at these numbers. The only schools doing both are high on this list. The rest seemingly pick one of the two and focus on that. We should focus on basketball.


    I disagree Ryebread. You have to put effort into both. You have to diversify as much as you can, so when NC State S%#t does happen, the other sport can offset it.

    I truly believe we are on the right track in basketball. Football we have a ways to go but hopefully, these recruiting classes start translate on the field.


    Pack1997: I’m fine for aspirations, but we need to be realistic. Unless we are going to double revenues, we are realistically only going to be good at one of the two.

    Pick one, go all in and actually do it. It’s not going to work spreading it around thin like peanut butter.

    We have many, many more institutional advantages in basketball. The barrier of entry is also lower. It makes far more sense to do that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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