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    HOPE the above works. WRAL seems to be having issues….and it took about 4 minutes for SFN to resolve. Something about an Amazon server outage and its impact on many other services and sites. Geeks are taking over.

    If link does not work, then go to and sports section. Picture of Valvano’s grave. The article is interesting. The Ex Manager pretty much lays it out. NOT that I believe all he thinks. BUT, if you read any of the Valvano books or stories about him and such, you WILL find that V used his managers as “Scroungers”. Think James Gardner in “The Americanization of Emily”. The Managers stocked V’s room with “adult beverages” and did food runs and all sorts of OTHER Personal Assistant duties….a LOT were WAY BEYOND BB and they knew the innersanctum and its secrets. I can WELL imagine a Manager getting caught up in his job and forgetting about class. I had a year where I was on the hunt more than You Know WHO…our STB EX MBB Coach. I ended up with a 0.3 GPA and Banks Talley would NOT let me back in and turned down my appeal. I thought I wrote a very well stated and laid out case as to WHY I should not be judged just on academics….but NOT SO. Howsomever, I did meet my DW of almost 52 years and my hunting days were over. She trained me to study and offered incentives…and I then made the Dean’s list.

    WILL check back and post Link if the one above is corrupt.

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