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    Some good stuff from Coach D in this ESPN interview. A year after going winless in conference play, NC State wrapped up the regular season with a 7-5
    [See the full post at: ESPN’s Q & A with Dave Doeren]

    Alpha Wolf

    Doeren is turning this program around, and he is doing it the right way.

    Compare and contrast him to Red Bull, and it’s pretty easy to see not only who the better coach is, but also the better man.


    Haven’t read the entire interview. Where there any questions in there about the possibility of him leaving? It’s hard to not feel like we’re a stepping stone school…especially for a non-alum. Does anyone have any hard facts?


    Nothing in the interview about him leaving. It appears that Wisconsin has its sights set on Paul Chryst.


    Doeren is coaching in a power 5 conference, at a school he is proud to be associated with, is living in an area he really likes. Where would he go that has more going for it than North Carolina State University? More money? What more could he buy with more money? The guy doesn’t seem to have the ego to drive him to be the 5th highest (or highest) paid coach in the country.

    The cynics that frequent these boards don’t believe him when he said that he was choosing us, not us choosing him. He also said he was here to build a national champion. I took him at his word, that is I believed he was serious when he said that. I’m now beginning believe that he just might do that.

    God bless Larry Fedora! I thank him for all he is doing to make that happen here at NC State. Have another Red Bull on me, Larry.


    Dd did a great job holding the team together. I really think the turning point was his suspensions for Louisville game. These were his guys and the game was critical….I think when he did that he got that extra amount of buy-in and credibility that made the solid 2nd half of the season possible.

    As for offers – they may not come this year, but if we’re better than .500 in conference his agent will get plenty of calls. This year is a feather in his cap -and if next year is too well – we’ll just have let him know how special he is.

    He’ll have earned it and he’ll rightfully be a highly sought-after coach. Like grey says – all we can do in that case is hope he wants to stay. And we should want a coach that everuone else wants….it would be a nice change!


    ^ That happened with Dick Sheridan. For any young’uns who don’t know/remember, he really did turn down Arizona and UGA.


    If the man really like to bass fish like Coach D says he does, and I believe he does as saw first hand how quick Coach D jumped in a bass boat with one of our NC State Bass Team members the first month on campus to fish on Harris Lake just for an hour or two. Money talks but nothing “pulls” on a true fisherman like the pull of a big ole bucketmouth on the end of his line. Wisconsin maybe his second home to Kansas but neither compares to the opportunities to catch a trophy largemouth like NC. And neither can offer trophy bass fishing only minutes from campus. All the Bass Pack members sneak away to Lake Wheeler inbetween classes to fish because of the lake is full of ten lb or bigger bass.

    Point is under the right push and opportunity to get Coach D on the water more often could leave him saying “I don’t think I’m in Kansas or Wisconsin anymore” often.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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