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    Third quarter attendance was a disgrace!ACC home opener and no one in the stands! No energy in stadium as well as no fans! End the Pass-out policy and make fans actually be in their seats at the start of the half instead of the parking lot drinking!


    …. a better all around solution to the problem:

    1. $2.00 — 16oz Cold Draft Beer INSIDE the stadium
    2. Turn the f’ing music off — I couldn’t hear the band play the fight song…
    3. Turn the ads off… give the PA guy some time to do his job right…

    And what’s up with the… Police Presence ???

    Geez… I hope they didn’t need any cops at the Bluegrass festival downtown or anywhere else in Wake County this afternoon.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Yup…All makes sense…well thought out and that will bring energy to the stadium at the start of the half. Great environment for recruits and for the players.


    When SleasySneakerGate sucks the money out of College sports and forces the NCAA out of business, a whole lot of things will make more sense, thereby improving the GameDay experience.


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Yes End pass outs, however it can only possibly benefit only the richest of pack alumni, other wise aint no damn way you’re making it back to you vehicle in time to drink, then walk back by the end of the game.

    Yes, sell beer inside. no brainer

    The ad’s pay the announcer/pa guy

    Complaints about police presence? Not following here, let me take a knee so I can get on your level.


    Pass outs can be done in Raleigh because EVERYONE PARKS SO DAM.N close. Everyone parking so close makes leaving hell.

    Leaving and coming back is near to impossible at most schools.

    Beyond that, don’t give the dummies in Raleigh any dumb ideas. If I buy season tickets or a ticket you aren’t about to tell me I can not walk out at halftime to play parcheesi.



    What, there’s no beer sales inside? That can’t be right.
    Oh, wait, I wouldn’t know – I always carried my liquor inside with me…but that was many, many years ago…
    My freshman year, they still played in Riddick Stadium!


    I can tell you a lot of Folks on the East side leave because of the friggin direct sun beating in us!
    END the NOON Games!!!
    Oh yea, I’m on board with Beer sales!!


    ^that’s what hats, caps and sunglasses are for….
    and fwiw, it was unseasonably breezy and cool where we were in the shade…
    so I guess those folks went out to warm up…

    one can get up and walk around the concourse in the shade or sun, to cool off or warm up, as needed, and still be back in your seats for the 2nd half kickoff…

    How many games do we have to win to put HVAC in the Carter? Divide that loan by years/home games/ and by $2 and that’s how many cold beers we need per game to pay for it…

    I know you State Men didn’t flunk MATH…
    Let’s Do THIS!

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    ^that’s what hats, caps and sunglasses are for….

    Instructions unclear.

    can't fix stupid

    No seriously.....


    Thanks BOTB …. hadn’t even thought of that..

    I didn’t say I didn’t come back, just referenced the direct sun shine. There was at least one carried out on a stretcher in the 2nd qtr, she was suffering from heat but other factors could be involved.

    Gus played a good game, avoided a let down, and made the top 25!! Keep it going!


    Guys played a good game… not Gus?


    …np Zingo…

    Ya’ll do know that Air Conditioning is the #1 health hazard in the United States today, don’t you….
    Ask any good HVAC guy….

    Open your windows at night, get Outside and stay outside as much as you can…

    If not… you heard it here at SFN first!

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    The AAC prohibits pass outs. UH has a full freaking bar at one of the concession stands in TDECU and lots of beer sales points. It works well. Sales are cut off about midway through the third quarter.


    Beer sales would be a massive mistake.

    You’d have another type of “pass outs” with a round or two of violence.

    A non issue.

    Maybe some black kid from the inner city could make it big at NC State and set up some programs for emotionally at risk State fans. This could help the plight of the largely white and affluent fan base at NC State as it attempts to rationalize a history of bad coaching hires and how keeping people in their seats during half time would change the trajectory of the program.



    fan base at NC State as it attempts to rationalize a history of bad coaching hires and how keeping people in their seats during half time would change the trajectory of the program.

    This part is absolutely correct. Some want to make some correlation with why Syracuse rolled us in the 3rd quarter with pass outs, and I think it is laughable. I’m sure not having pass outs really helped us against S. Carolina and FSU, when we also laid down in the 3rd.

    Let’s face it folks. We get out coached at the half by most teams. It happened again Saturday. We were just lucky enough to have enough of a lead that it didn’t matter.

    Personally I don’t care if people want to come and go as they please. They paid for a ticket to be at an event at a location from time A to time B. If they want to miss half of it because they want to, that’s fine with me. This is the type of policy that just make more people stay home.

    And I say this as someone who maybe used a pass out once or twice in my many trips to CF. One of those times I clearly remember that I used it to go back and get a jacket.


    I’ve never understood the “passouts”. As much as I love my beer, I go to the game to watch the game, not drink and piss the entire time…If you can’t deal with it during a game, I suggest you have a problem! I just don’t get it, but I’m not 19 anymore either!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    End “passouts”! Increase food vendor! Increase restrooms. Leave the ACC, SEC, big 10. Old guy dreaming!


    Let’s face it folks. We get out coached at the half by most teams. It happened again Saturday (a few weeks ago). We were just lucky enough to have enough of a lead that it didn’t matter.

    That’s a valid point of view but not the only one. It certainly doesn’t explain 6-1 with wins over ranked teams. Perhaps State is letting the opponent come out in the 3rd quarter and “spill all their candy.” There is no prize for winning the 3rd quarter. Maybe after all these coaches have shown their adjustments, we take over the game and win it. These coaches who have out coached Doeren and our staff in the 3rd quarter are NOT 6-1.

    We’ve said Doeren is a poor coach so often that we now believe whatever we think about Doeren being out coached must be true. I assert that sometimes we don’t know “Doing it the right way” from poor coaching.

    I’ve heard the “lucky” tag put on this 6-1 team. I don’t believe a word of it. We weren’t lucky to have enough of a lead that it didn’t matter. We worked hard enough that it didn’t matter.

    Drinkwitz says, “Separation is in the preparation.” Doeren doesn’t get out coached, he and the team out “prepare the other team.” When we win Saturday at ND the separation will have been in the preparation.

    We may think we were out coached at half-time. Maybe the coaches believe the preparation will the the separation. If you have prepared your team, maybe the thing to do is go over what you planned for this game, not play “super coach” and try to come up with some change in plans that will miraculously win the game.

    Football is a game of emotion. My guess is opposing coaches who find themselves behind at the half try to whip up their team emotionally. IMO Good coaches don’t whip teams up to win the 3rd Quarter. Good coaches don’t try to inspire their teams needlessly, i.e., when they are “lucky” enough to have a good lead. Good coaches save the emotional appeals until they are needed like half-time at Pitt.

    But our coaches didn’t do that or so I’ve heard. The preparation includes leadership training for the players. The players were the ones who did the talking in that locker room. The radio people said you could hear their voices coming through the dressing room walls. Players can yell at one another in a way coaches can’t.

    In episode 9 of ONE with Wolfpack Football Doeren goes from player to player asking what are you working on today to get better? The all had an answer. All have been coached to get better every day. He also talks about himself trying to be a better coach every day. He exercises, follows a healthy diet, and gets proper rest. IOW he does what he asks his players to do. The assistant coaches (with the possible exception of old man Huxtable) look to be in excellent health, look like they work out, follow a healthy diet, and get proper rest.

    That’s “doing it the right way.” I shudder to think how much better my life would have been if I tried to get better every day. Better businessman, better husband, better father, better friend, better man. The young men who complete their eligibility at NC State will have the practice of getting better everyday ingrained in their being. Because of the education they get at NC State and the “education” they get being in Dave Doeren’s football program they will be successful in business leaders in their communities. And they will be better husbands, better fathers, better friends, and better men.

    When the value of getting an education at NC State and being in the NC State football program filters back to their high schools and communities, that’s when NC State will be one of the top schools and football programs in the country. The top 25 schools win. Winning alone will not get it done.


    Take a few minutes to look at this video. It’s a great look at Doeren doing what he believes as a coach. I haven’t seen them all but I am going back and do so. In this video you will see coaching done the right way. The Head Coach is featured on this video as it should be but you can be sure the assistant coaches are doing the same.

    There’s a small segment in this video where Doeren works with some special team players on technique to get better. If you have ever complained about Special Teams, do yourself a favor and take a look. (I skip the commercials when I watch.)


    Some want to make some correlation with why Syracuse rolled us in the 3rd quarter with pass outs, and I think it is laughable. I’m sure not having pass outs really helped us against S. Carolina and FSU, when we also laid down in the 3rd.

    You are beginning to sound like a broken record, Rye. Check the score at the end of the game to find out who rolled whom. There is no asterisk that says “Syracuse rolled us in the 3rd quarter.”

    You may be right that Pass Outs didn’t help against S. Carolina and FSU. Neither game was played at Carter-Finley. 😉


    So is this game the lucky Wolfpack vs the luck of the Irish, may be the leprechaun will pass out all of his luck before the 3rd quarter.

    gso packbacker

    I watched episode 9 the other day and once I realized that I could fast forward through the commercials, I enjoyed it. I have no idea of how it compares to other coaches though or how much it impacts the results on the field though.

    That aside, I’ve always liked Dave and his approach, just not always the results (BC game last year) or calling the fans out like he did so early.

    Regardless, I can’t see Pass Outs being ended without something significant provided in return (i.e., beer sales). The human psyche doesn’t like being given something and then having it taken away, regardless of actual value. It’s a perception thing!
    Anyway, if you remember the uproar when pre-game tailgating was cut, then you can imagine the stink they would create by ending Pass Outs.

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