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    Asked for and delivered


    Nice pick six to end the game.


    I wanted another score. Oh well. We done awfully good.

    Wish granted. After Clark was on the wrong end of the cheap shot, he deserved that.


    It could have been worse.
    Have a nice night my friends.
    I fucking intend to.


    I wanted another score. Oh well. We done awfully good.

    Wish granted. After Clark was on the wrong end of the cheap shot, he deserved that.

    Oh YEAH!!! Karma TOTALLY paid forward. SUCK IT, Vandy #9!!!!


    Happy New Year…


    Well-I, for one, am pleased-thought the officiating was the worst I have seen this year. Holding against us and missed calls both ways were ridiculous…


    Observations….took time off to eat a peaceful meal (NOT LEFTOVERS) and watch the game.

    At one point, I was about ready to send AD Yow a note about Coaching Management…ala Florida Panthers and to make sure that Coach Doeren had a LYFT or UBER App on his phone.

    We actually get a WINNER’s Trophy and NOT a Participation one.

    Despite Coach D’s ranting at half, I wonder if the team votes the Ref’s for the “Game Ball”? YES, they missed some, but we really far out on the LONG end of the stick on this game. A rarity…

    Got a little sloppy, but all in all….a good performance and certainly the best way to conclude a season that has been less than stellar.

    The two folks that voted and said they DID know someone in LA, then text them the message….Will the Last WP Fan leaving the stadium please turn out the lights.

    Twerps got beat….not a bad night….

    Trying to decide on my celebratory evening adult beverage….JD straight; JD & Ginger; Crown Black on the Rocks; Rum and Coke; Black Russian? Decisions….decisions…..maybe have to sample each and see which one I liked better

    Outta here….you guys did good. 10 pages….for a not very highly ranked bowl game….


    Heads up…

    Regardless of the outcome of the Sun Bowl…
    HOLES should be quieter this winter…

    and Spring Practice starts in about 10 weeks….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Throat slash…..Ba bulli ba bulli ba bulli HEY! Die Vandy bitchezzzzz…..


    Great game. The men totally dominated. Funny, we haven’t been ranked that highly in recruiting, but darned if we haven’t been fine man to man (sans Louisville). Gives me hope for the future.


    The glistening dew of hope.

    Trapped as I am here at Appalachian there is little for me to do other than hurl stones of reality and soak in all the damn 80s music a man can stand.

    Flashdance theme once more Ringo.


    Virginia Wolf

    Anyone who attended the game and has a ticket stub they don’t want to keep, I surely could use it for my collection. Email me at [email protected] for address and I’ll pay the postage. Thanks so much! Go WolfPack!!!!


    The only way you could have hope for the future is if you havent watched the last few years.


    The last few years? Sans 1 Amato year it’s been through last 20 years. Stay optimistic for basketball. Football will never get enough recruits to compete beyond border top 25.


    Good win in a game that I thought from before the first kick was never really in doubt. Vandy wasn’t going to beat us throwing and I figured we could control their ground game. People loved to bang on the D and Hux, but outside of a couple of games we were really good against the run. We looked faster, stronger and just better at almost every position.

    Forgettable bowl to end a forgettable season, but it was nice to be on the positive side of a lopsided result. It sure beats last year’s bowl game against a middling SEC team. It sends the seniors off in style and gives all the players something to look back on fondly 20 years from now.

    Next year is next year, and we’ll see if we’ve actually got any momentum based on who we end up with on signing day. There’s also seemingly a couple of transfers on the roster, so we’ll see what happens there.

Viewing 16 posts - 226 through 241 (of 241 total)
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