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    Only 11 seniors on the 2015 version of NC State Football…so, there will still be a lot of ‘experience’ and playing time to be gained by the younger
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    I’m interested in seeing how the two lines do:

    Two new starting [offensive] tackles will have to get acclimated on the offensive line, which is a major concern.

    Defensive end Mike Rose and defensive tackles Justin Jones, B.J. Hill, Kenton Gibbs and Monty Nelson all got valuable reps last season and will help offset the loss of seniors T.Y. McGill, Thomas Teal and Art Norman. Sophomore Kentavius Street, the prize of his recruiting class in 2014, will get more snaps inside this season, while sophomore Bradley Chubb has been moved from linebacker to end.



    Not even one mention of a very talented hoss in American Pharoah


    I definitely got me some McKeever fever.
    Among his superlatives last year, that boy beat ‘Cuse near about single HANDedly. Hands being the key word.


    McKeever made the most important play of the season last year. The pick six gave the team momentum, the lead, and the confidence it needed to beat Syracuse. That ended the ACC 0-fer and started the Pack rolling.


    Hey. Don’t forget how he plow horsed a couple of Baby blue OLs.


    Here’s a pretty good preview:


    But even a good preview can contain a head scratcher or two:

    There was no clear reason for the [2014] midseason funk.

    Oh Really? Playing FSU, Clemson, and Louisville over a four-game scratch doesn’t count as a clear reason?


    I wish I knew some ClemPson fans well, I’d congratulate them on being a yearly second place team in a division of the ACC. They are the most talked about 2-3 loss a year team in the history of modern sports. A team that lost to Florida State who played a back up quarterback the entire game, a team that lost three games and a team that had lost a considerable ammount of talent from that team still finds themselves in every analysts top 5-10. Clempson and Unsux should combine to rule the entire universe.


    Said Clemson is set up like a bowling pin in C-F.

    Way too early line will have me taking State at +7.5, and the moneyline at 195.



    Two thoughts:

    You can’t call yourself a real CFB program until you can go into Wake and take their lunch money three trips out of four.

    There’s something a little bit edgy about having Pharaoh lead you TO the promised land.


    Football will be here before we know it. Young team, but talented. Kicking game has to be steady.


    Our Pharaoh is just another American thoroughbred.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    Clemson is solid. Watson is a legit Heisman contender, or was, before Chad Morris left. That’s the big loss, plus whatever they lose on D. They were the best team in the league last year with Watson on the field. No question. He hardly played against UGA in the opener, didn’t play the whole game versus FSU, a game CU threw away, and got hurt in the GT game. He stays on the field and their new OC’s don’t screw up with Morris installed, then they’re the cream.

    I like this version of the Pack but the defensive speed, while upgraded, is still not quite there to compete with the big boys. Need a few more solid recruiting classes.


    I see progress but not the ultimate yet. The Tiggers are quite good and FSU might be if they get their act together.


    Clemson is going to be strong yet again. Dabo got it going on down there.


    In the last 20 years, whenever we’ve had experienced qbs coupled with inexperienced ols and young dls we haven’t been as good as predicted.

    Still, I like the way dd is building program. I also think our ol could actually be a strong point.


    Take me up, boys.
    I’ll be your huckleberry.


    Too many known unknows:

    1) Clemson’s QB health (they live or die by that)
    2) The game-readiness of our OTs
    3) Where our PKs fall on the spectrum of “dumpster fire” to “Smooth Operator”


    Eager to see what k street does…and pharoah – and our lbs. D could be nasty…but we lose a couple of solid dls. But hey – its supposed to happen in cf.

    Bjd good points on kicking game and ots. Cowdog – I agree – if this Clemson game is any time after 2pm – they are in trouble.


    While wringing my hands over the OTs, I try to remember that Barr very nearly beat Chandler out for the starting RT job AND Jones was the defacto back-up at LT last year. How was that? Even though Jones never got in a game to burn his red-shirt he took second team snaps all season. He traveled and dressed out and fortunately he was never needed as Crisp stayed injury free.

    What are legit unknowns are who will back up Barr and Jones. Nobody has been given the starting jobs and it’s possible that either Barr or Jones may not start. Should that occur it won’t be a bad thing, just meaning that we are deeper than we think at OT.

    Also unknown is who are the back-ups on the interior. If Schooley goes down, Adams moves over to center but who moves into the RG slot. Thuney was out 4 games last year with some kind of virus. Who moves into the guard slots? Are Kennedy and Prescodd ready? If we can keep it together this year, our OL should be without worries next year. I doubt we will be caught with out pants down this year regardless.

    And we do have 4 “preseason” games to get “game ready” before we start the ACC schedule.

    IMO our PKs just need to be consistent, not spectacular. Our freshman LS looks to be as good if not better than Thompson and Hines may be the holder. I’d be more worried about a fake with Hines holding than I would the attempt. 😉


    OK. With all due respects to Rowan Jr. ….let me rephrase. Kid? Ya signed in time for football.

    Nobody got hurt today, and I had a dream last night that I got inside Tocho in 7/7, only to get chest popped by Jones.

    Happened so fast that I didn’t even know which one.


    Wonder what’s on the food line right now. Ribeye? Pasta?

    Enjoy. Pads come Friday.

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