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    Beejay Anya has a had a lot of ups and downs over his years at NC State, and I’m not only talking about his weight. It’s no secret that the Anya and t
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    I guess this is the pinnacle of a career that many of us (me included) thought was going to be quite a bit different when we recruited the big guy.
    Before his freshman year, I thought we’d finally found an anchor for the team. A guy that would be around a while, and be reliable for points and rebounds.
    Then he showed up and was just sad looking, especially his freshman year. Stretching that jersey to it’s limits, walking up and down the court, little stamina, really disappointing. Then the sophomore year was a little better. The staff sort of put up with it because of the blocked shots. Without that, he wouldn’t have gotten off the bench much. And then he hit the winning shot in the LSU game, followed by the much ballyhooed off season weight loss, all the ‘skinny’ pix released, and many of us thought (I did) this year would be different. It didn’t happen. By comparison, Nard (bad leg and no practice last summer) is averaging 5.4 to BeeJay’s 5.3 rebounds. But, you have to give him credit for the blocked shots. He’s really good at it. But setting the record only puts him at #15 all time in the ACC, and even with another season like this one, he MAY get to the top 5. But the number one guy has 425 blocks.
    The big guy was quoted last summer as telling the coaches, “I don’t think I’m going to need my senior year.”
    I hope he’s a good student, right now I don’t see him making much money playing basketball. I can see him getting hired someplace for a season, but without being surrounded by nutritionists and S&C guys to keep him in line, I think he’ll struggle.
    Another “what if” story.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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