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    Along with a handful of other schools, Wolfpack Basketball will be sporting new unis for the post-season, beginning at the ACCT. #MadeInMarch: Wolfpac
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    Looks a lot like the Nebraska jersey (or theirs looks like ours), just the name is different.

    I still like the blacks.


    As much as I hate to complain about this type of stuff, they look too much like what Louisville was already wearing. We beat them, they should wear uniforms that look like ours >:[

    These were the best unis we’ve ever had.

    Ichiban A #1 best uniforms!!!


    I’m a fan of simple and traditional, kinda like what’s seen in paki’s pic … but these look ok. Just keep winning!

    Again w/ the sleeves, Louisville … it’s such a jarring contrast.


    I’m sure this has been brought up and I missed it somewhere. I thought at some point DY wanted everything to say “STATE” and then somehow we got back to NC State. I also like “STATE” with the block S logo so that NC was implied. Why did we have a change of heart on that?


    We haven’t had a change of heart on this. My understanding is that the Athletics Department isn’t allowed to go in the “State” direction because of a decision that comes from the UNC Board of Governors. It *may* have been the NC State BOT (as that would make more sense), but I’ve heard the BOG doesn’t like that branding and wants it to be NC State.


    Those shorts are the worst I have ever seen. Some “Starter” shorts off the rack at Walmart look better than those. I assume our contract makes us have to wear them.


    I have to admit, I hate em too. I always thought they looked the worst on Louisville. Now I’ve got to watch us wear them. We’ll have to work a little harder to overcome extra adversity. We should have learned our lesson from the unitards.


    So the question for me is, “Do the players like them?” The rest make zero difference to me. Actually I could care less what those of you who expressed your dislike, like.

    The “State/NC State” decision was made at a higher level than athletics. I doubt the BOG made the call although I wouldn’t put it past them.

    That “higher level” unfortunately for us fans wasn’t around during the “State” days and is not involved in the pissing contest the fans like myself are involved in with the bastards over on Brokeback Hill.


    Horrible looking. Tacky. Grade school look. Butt ugly. No style.

    That’s how I feel about it. Why don’t we have a consistent good looking uniform. We now look like a bunch of wannabes.

    Truly pathetic. Please reject this crap.

    BBQ Sauce

    I’m a nostalgic kinda guy… BRING BACK THE UNITARD!


    The only thing I’ve ever wanted State to have in regard to their uniforms is red and white only, with STATE on the front.

    And preferably with no names on the back.

    Michigan State gets it; we don’t.


    Boo awlful. We had them before, why go back.
    Lets Play Basketball


    KISS: keep it simple stupid

    White field, red letters State.
    Red field, white letters State.

    And no unitards.


    1 AD (after dean)


    The football players liked their unis and played great in them, if our basketball players like these expect the same.


    The design folks up at Adidas must have limited creativity but at this point with the boys playing the way they are I could care less if they bring back the spandex uniforms. Coming from my bitc*ing self, that says alot. I’d like to also admit how wrong I was about Anthony Barber and I decided before unsux game to take a more positive approach and not be so pecimistic….for me it worked. Thanks all you positive statefansnation people!


    I mean, these aren’t Adidas’s worst work. It could always be much, much worse.

    Bleeding eyes.


    ^I’m thankful they didn’t participate in that ugliness. I had a pair of pants like that when I was a kid.


    I don’t really care as long as they, in the words of the late Al Davis, “Just Win Baby!”


    Thanks for the answer Keymaster!

    I am completely positive that the NC BOG has put way more time, effort, thought, and planning in to our Logos and Uniform designes than the NC State athletic department.

    Yes, that drips with sarcasm.

    It’s amazing to me that we ever got the “state” logo on the uniforms in the first place. We did that in football and basketball(all sports I think) for 2 years before they made us change back.

    What a head scratcher. Why don’t we put a middle finger on the middle of the next uniform with NCBOG on the knuckles and see how long it takes for the BOG to make us change that?


    With all due respect, if the BOG has ANY SAY about the colors or wording on the jerseys, we’ve got worse problems than a color scheme to deal with. Did we not clearly say that We are Not the F’ing University of NC at Raleigh and that is settled law!

    If we are continuing to roll over, you get what you deserve!

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Those are butt ugly. I’ve always thought Louisville had the most horrid uniforms and now we may have some just like those. WTH????

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