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    you spent more time scouting than I did…

    I appreciate you confirming my snapshot instincts…

    plus Johnson might be the kind of kid that stays around 4 years… idk…

    GO PACK!!!

    Now let’s go eat some Gatortail…
    I GOTT some on the Big Green Egg.


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    The good things we got from this game:

    1. DSJ can (and WILL) put us on his back if we need it
    2. Both DSJ and MJ seem to improve every game
    3. We pulled out a close one. This one started out similar to the W&M game last year, but we were able to rein it in
    4. Surely CDD will get his 4 year extension tomorrow, since we backed up his Friday win with one on Saturday



    Thankfully, Markell is undersized and not a great shooter, so the NBA will likely stay away. He sure does seem like a natural, though, doesn’t he? LOVE his confidence, he never shies away from the play. Very Cat-like, in that respect.


    Johnson is 6’1″ I think. Even so we all know short players can have good careers in the NBA


    I have this idea when we get all the pieces together about ACC time this could be a surprise (the pleasant kind and we sure could use that at NCSU!) and special team. All the pieces and talent are there this year and expectations are low. I just have a feeling this could be a breakout team.


    I’m looking forward to seeing the team on some legit broadcasts. It’s next to impossible to get a real impression of the players via crap streams and gamecasts.


    This is why the true Freshman = Markel at 6’1″ is “invisible” ….
    A potential winner who’s gonna stay under the radar…

    today’s stats…

    Mins played = 35, Did NOT start…
    Points Made- + 4, incl. 0-1 from the FT line…
    Rebounds + 4
    Assists + 2
    Steals + 3
    Fouls – 3
    TOs – 1

    that’s just a +11 in 35 minutes…

    With improvement and barring injury…
    Four years later that’s a guy who in the record books and in our hearts forever…
    And with solid future in Coaching…

    There’s no stats for the F’ing Intangibles..
    and one game does NOT make a career.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    In the late games…

    Clempsom says SlamBammNOThankYou to the ‘cocks… surprise, surprise…
    They’re gonna pump Watson for the Heisman…

    NOLES “Cooking” the Gators down in Tallytown…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Yeah I can’t stand Fisher. That’s why I wanted the gators to win. Looks like that won’t happen.

    Clemson is good. Not good enough to win the whole thing though


    Tonight… the Tiggers and Watson, et al, are better than good… going for the shutout… 42-zip with 25 minutes to play….

    What’s not to like about a guy who wins in spite of himself ??

    NOLES keeping it close…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Only saw bits and pieces, I’m very worried about defense and rebounding. They can’t get behind like that to good teams and expect to win many of them.

    Class of 95


    Twas in the Champions Club for the game. The Jumbotron was on the fritz and there were no players or stats at the top. Only the score. IT could NOT figure out how to fix it, save a hard reboot and that would delayed the game. SO, we had to use the phones to get info.

    We totally fell apart at times. Terrible Ted did not look as awesome as his first game. Maybe he got lazy while the team was on holiday….or maybe he ate all of BJ’s cache….and was not as agile….Wife, who was at home listening to radio, said he got some PF troubles.

    Abu seemed to be a little “limpid”. Johnson was our savior….as it was in the St. Joe game. He DID miss the final FT….but he saved our fanny many times. He seemed to actually jump start Smith….sort of like when Richard Howell would come in and get the guys going.

    We also seem to be “focused on the past”. If we have a bad defensive possession, we will have an even WORSE Offensive one. We seem NOT to be able to “forget” what just happened as we cross midcourt…..likewise the other way. It takes us a while to work out of those funks and Loyola took advantage, several times.

    In the end, it was Dennis that carried us…but Henderson was the “Atlas” for much of the first half. He put the weight of the team on his shoulders and knocked down shots.

    Not a really pretty win…but a W. It was never really (OK, a little) in doubt for H2…as we came out running and took a nice lead. BUT, we backed off (or they made both offensive and defensive adjustments) and we let the margin slide.

    NOW…the skuttlebutt was that DD would be retained. That was probably in the HRC vs. Trump stats….equally split. Some were in the middle and not really “fussy”, while there were others, in BOTH camps, that would come to blows over the decision.

    I personally would have went for a contract waiver of one year of “buyout”, but AD Yow never got around to emailing me for suggestions and helpful advice.

    I also am old enough to remember the year that the Dallas writers “wrote out Bobby Ewing” as Patrick Duffy thought he could make his fortune in other venues. He bombed and the show’s rating also suffered….

    Then Pam (Victoria HOT Principal) uttered the famous words…”Bobby, I had the STRANGEST dream last night….” The inuendo was that she then slipped into the shower to reward him for still being alive and not have those nasty gun shot wounds that we all witnessed…

    That is how I feel (as I woke up this morning).

    Jill Stein (and now HRC) are HOPING for the line….”Bill, I had the strangest dream last night. I thought that idiot and bigot Trump had been elected president”…..but that was NOT in their bedroom…That was what she texted him….

    Next up….NCSU beats UNC in a fairly close (but we NEVER lost the lead) game. It was muddied abit by some player and coaching mental lapses…(OK, a LOT), but in the end….we WON. The Hat is NOT the Boy Wonder he ONCE was. Gene (the Genuis) Chizik will probably NOT be getting a call….who knows in the Coaching Carousel…? Herman was supposed to be on a Plane to Louisiana, but it got rerouted in mid air as Trace Armstong called and said…”It the Long Horns”. Herman had to buy some orange just to wear to the presser…and his $$ were not as lofty as they were supposed to be a LSU….thanks to that pesky L from yesterday.

    Fedora said….See, what I mean….I am getting my Texts to Mike Perrin (Sp), the Horns AD, sent back as saying….REJECTED…

    Finally….please tell me that Holly Rowe has NOT gone LGBTQ…her new “Laura Leslie” look is a bit much….even Jimbo said…”Holly, is that you, hon?”


    Minutes for everyone except DSJ are going to drop from what they are today. With Mav, Omer, and Kapita all (re-) entering the mix, the 4 guard lineup will become a lot more rare, and that should help the defense and rebounding. Also, with all of the freshmen, and especially with multiple players missing games early, I expect another 2 months of practice and games will help them improve considerably.

    I like these things so far:

    – The team has been tested yet is 5-1 with the loss to a very good team on a neutral floor while short-handed.
    – The team has gotten a lot of minutes with the 4 guard lineup, and we know it can be effective, at least offensively, if/when we need to go to it.
    – The team has shown it can and will run whenever possible, and they are good at it.
    – We have seen 6 new players so far (counting Henderson as new), and every one of them has shown he can play and will likely contribute this season. With Omer still to come.
    – DSJ is living up to the hype.


    Finally….please tell me that Holly Rowe has NOT gone LGBTQ…her new “Laura Leslie” look is a bit much….even Jimbo said…”Holly, is that you, hon?”


    If I recall she was or is battling cancer. Her hair fell out during chemo. Sometimes when it grows back it grows back different than before. Sometimes thinner or thicker and much different hairlines. It happened to my aunt who has multiple mylomia.


    Just watched the replay.

    First game where DSJ performed up to the hype. He and Johnson play really well together.

    Johnson was the steal of the recruiting class. He is really good

    We will look a lot better when we get to Gott’s normal 3 man rotation at the two big spots with two bigs playing all the time. We need the rebounding in order to run.

    We will have 4 guys rotating at the two spots opposite DSJ. I would rest DSJ a bit more to help manage those minutes.

    Dorn is a great guy to have on this team. Exceptionally smart.

    We clearly made an adjustment on guarding the threes.

    Hicks will be a really good player as he matures. He has very good hands.


    The ACC destroys the SEC on rivalry weekend. South Carolina didn’t even put up a fight, and the Tigers are one win away from another playoff.

    Watching the coaching carousel closely yet again. Hats off to LSU for hiring Orgeron. Herman is a hot commodity headed to Texas. He’ll learn quickly nobody honeymoons in Austin. Better win soon.

    Word is Heff-whatever is out at Oregon. And does Chip Kelly leave Notre Dame?

    Congrats to the Pack for putting it together and beating the Heels. Almost gave it away and questionable coaching but of course happy with the win. A season of ups and downs and close calls. ECU and BC still head scratchers any way you cut it. DD gets one more year to prove he’s the guy.



    I WAS not aware of that. I offer my sincere apology for thinking that she was trying to update her appearance in a more politically acceptable “makeover”. I guess that there is too much political emotion still rolling around and I am getting sterotypical…..

    Had I known the situation, I would never, ever made such a comment…

    My prayers are with her in her recovery….

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