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    Noticed this in his comments Keatts said, “We took a group that most people said couldn’t win or wasn’t tough enough or what do you all call it, the ‘NC State Stuff?’ I don’t know what that is, Right now, we have been able to stuff the stuff. We would love to not hear the ‘NC State Stuff’ anymore after this regular season.”


    Seconded. I hate that phrase.


    He couldn’t say State sh!t but we know what he means.

    That’s loser talk. Always has been; always will be. Good riddance. Now if we have the nads to call ourselves on it when it turns up again…


    ^+1-new sheriff in town…


    I have used that phrase myself in the past. We have been losers for a long time so that moniker fit. I’m glad he and the team we have has put an end to it. Winning will do that. Good for you coach Keatts and congrats for a regular season that far exceeded expectations, stuff or no stuff.


    Once again I really like coach Keats.


    We’ve been watching and learning Keatts – the Coach all season…
    Up until the last couple weeks, we’ve only had a rare glimpse of Keatts – the Cheerleader…

    If he keeps this up, Dr. Randy should give the man an honorary degree…
    and maybe some of THIS magic will run off on DD….

    RE: NCSS…

    Considering the fact that nobody ever heard of NCStateSh#t until at least 15 years after I graduated… I really don’t understand the fundamentals…

    It’s hard to believe in something, you don’t understand…
    And it’s really bad karma from those who espouse it…

    I’m 110% for Stuffing the Stuff…

    There are dogs that bite and dogs that bark… it’s hard to find one that does both…
    I like the WOLFPACK with the bite…
    Winners WIN and losers leave town with their tails ‘tween their legs…

    GO PACK!


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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