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    Finally something new to talk about and it apparently is GREAT news for the NC State WR squad. Apparently DD wasn’t too happy with the performance last year from that group which is why he says he made the coaching change to McDonald. Many of us on here suspected that was probably the case.

    What I found kind of shocking were his words for Valdez Scantling. (addressing the loss of Bo and Marques VS)

    I’m not nervous about it. … Obviously losing Bo Hines hurts, but the other guy dropped a lot of balls. It wasn’t like Valdes was a super player. I feel like we lost one player, and every year, you’re going to lose at least one player.

    Mind you I totally agree but, really who says that lol

    I know many of you were never worried about WR’s as LB, Secondary, and our departing tackles seemed like larger concerns. For me though, I thought one year longer in the program and redshirts would take care of LB and Secondary. Our Tackles frequently swapped in and out last year so I wasn’t nervous. I still expect a dropoff just not a scary one. JB probably disagrees.

    The area I thought we needed the most significant improvement was WR due to so many game altering and drive ending drops. GA Tech I could gouge my eyes out if our WR’s ever play like that again.

    Anyway – give the article a read. I’m slowly starting to get excited about this WR group. Real talent on the perimeter, TE, and all of the backs… salivating a bit.

    Last Teaser –
    So Thunder Dan is a friend of mine and Aarius Moore is a former kid I used to coach up in Beavercreek, OH. While Aarius seemed a step slower than I hoped he would be by this age, Thunder Dan completely disagreed. He thinks that kid has the potential to go down as one of our all time great LB’s. I was like whoah, better than you? (Still have Levar Fisher and Cowher lol) But he believes he’ll be great for us.

    Damn – Bring on Troy!!!


    Man that’s good stuff, Kappa. Got me fired up too. We will be hard to stop on offense this year. So many different ways to attack.


    *Edit – I mentioned Thunder Dan’s opinion but the relevance may not be clear. He’s currently on our Strength and Conditioning staff and obviously works with LB’s. So from working with him since Day 1 he is pretty excited about that kid.

    Its a light weight dream come true watching him now. I used to tell him that he should pick us (starting in the 6th grade) not thinking the stars would ever align. Then I just did some where are they now research randomly and found out he did pick us and low and behold he’s still a stud.

    carry on – I ramble when I get excited… and all other times too



    And leave it at that.


    I had seen DD’s comment re: MVS earlier today and I have to admit I did the giggle-cringe when I read them.

    While we’re on the subject of Brissett targets, I’m also looking for big things from Grinnage fwiw.


    Regarding MVS — those comments were more like a pro coach talking. I imagine AD Yow will have a word with Doeren about them.

    Regarding the overall article, it makes me hungry for football!


    Yeah seems like a cheap shot to take on student athlete but funny as hell to read.


    Is it a cheap shot to tell the truth? “He dropped a lot of balls” is absolutely true. No comment on his character or anything other than “he dropped a lot of balls”. A change in the WR coach was almost certain after last year. One thing I like about coach D is he does not play the BS game. The loss of Bo Hines might hurt a bit but the loss of MVS not so much. It is what it is. After long years of coaching problems I think the ship has been righted.


    Yeah, I didn’t particularly like it either. Take the high road or keep your mouth shut about an individual player who has left the program, this isn’t the NFL and we don’t need the bad karma.



    A winking emoticon is worth a thousand words.


    I’m thinking there was reasoning behind the comment about VS. I’d be surprised if it was just a spontaneous utterance. There was a message included, one not intended for VS. Any message intended for VS was sent long ago. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was a problem with that reception, also. Thus the departure.

    But I agree, from the outside looking in, appearances are it wasn’t necessary.

    Good luck to VS though. Hope he does well.


    I think DD just tried to survive the first year so he made the best he could of a bad situation. The second year he was demanding more of his charges and he probably let it be known “produce or go away”. VS didn’t. He could have let it go but to me it was an expansion on his stand at the end of the season and the now infamous quote. Part of being that hard working, hands in the dirt kind of mentality, and if you ain’t there you ain’t here for long. I’m pretty sure VS may not have had the work ethic vs. the inability because we had seen that in his performance the year before. Why he didn’t repeat is anyone’s guess, maybe hearing footsteps did him in, it’s happened to more than one football player. In any event, to me DD just stated what most of us who follow Pack football closely already knew, VS didn’t have IT this year, and without IT you may as well take your ball and go home.

    Smarter than the average bear


    I’m with Yogi on this one. He’s smarter than the average bear, you know.

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