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    DEFINITELY worth watching if you didn’t see it. Need more and more of this kind of public leadership.
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    Sir Charles!!!
    Perfectly said.




    Ouch! The truth hurts don’t it?

    Now if anybody who could do something about it actually gave a crap, we might have something…


    Good ‘ol Charles


    Like him or not Barkley says exactly what he thinks. Many more times than not I find myself nodding my head in cadence with his comments.

    WV Wolf

    A couple of years ago at the Jimmy V golf tournament I was the host/golf cart driver for Bates Battaglia. We started on the same hole as Barkley.

    At each tee there were signs the celebs would autograph for the sponsors. As Charles goes to autograph the sign, Bates being Bates tries to give him a hard time and starts spelling out Charles for him.

    Barkley responded “I can spell, I didn’t go to UNC”


    The original question was stupid (would Charles donate $ so that Auburn could buy a recruit?) and his answer probably veered far afield from what was expected. (My guess is that they wanted Charles to say something about universities paying college players.) But his answer illustrates why the NCAA will absolutely have to do something meaningful to UNC.

    Wasn’t it just two years ago that UConn had to sit out the NCAAT because of APR? So you have two universities, one of which (supposedly) gave players the grades they earned while another university hands out grades to keep players eligible. To date, the more honest university was penalized.

    The potential problem is that the NCAA has to track bogus grades back to specific players in specific classes and specific years. I find it extremely unlikely that they will automatically assume that every individual study or paper class in AFAM was bogus and rule accordingly. So we’ll just have to wait and see exactly how much dirt the NCAA finds.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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