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    No surprise to anyone, but Cat has retained an agent and is officially entering the NBA draft.

    I wish him all the best, and was thankful I got to watch him play this past year.


    I certainly can’t blame the man. Best wishes!


    It would have been cray-cray for him to consider doing anything else more than 5 minutes or so. He’s got a family to provide for, and this is as high as his stock is realistically gonna get. Will always hold a special place in wolven hearts, and I hope we make him a proud alumnus wherever he watches us on teevee next season.


    He should explore his options and probably leave. My thanks for his efforts and wishes for greatness for Cat.


    Oh God! Another one leaves Gott’s program! Rack ’em up!

    Further proof that he just can’t keep ’em down on the farm.


    Best thing for him. I’d be tempted to smack him in the head if he didn’t go.
    Good luck, Kitteh.


    I think it’s safe to say that Cat will work as hard as necessary to make it at the next level. Good luck Cat! I’ve enjoyed watching.


    This was a nobrainer move for him IMO. I expect to see him playing regularly in the NBA next season.



    I guess I am the only one that still values a college degree. I get the kid and all but that is short sighted. The rules are now set up in favor of the player/student where they can go get evaluated and get honest feedback. Not sure why he decided to get an agent. His playing career (where ever that may be) will be short in the grand scheme of things and after that without a degree is he playing catch up. At NCSU he has above average training and one on one coaching to help him work on his weaknesses. I miss the game of the 80’s where people stayed there full time for the most part.

    That said good luck Cat


    I guess I am the only one that still values a college degree.

    The two pursuits aren’t mutually exclusive. The time is right for Cat to give the pros a try, no matter how that works out. That could play out to set him for a long time if he’s an NBA first rounder, or be a nice career playing overseas, to playing in the D-League for a while. But he’s got to go for it. He can always finish his degree later if that’s what he wants.


    wolfpack92owen wrote: “I guess I am the only one that still values a college degree.”
    MrPlywood wrote: “The two pursuits aren’t mutually exclusive.”

    I agree Ply. Those types of statements have always annoyed me. It’s so Carolina-esque and snobbish. So the kid isn’t doing what’s best for you to satisfy your fandom. Because that’s basically what we are talking about. You don’t really care if Barber gets a college degree. When it comes down to brass tacks, you’re pissed he’s not exhausting his eligibility and thus making NCSU basketball not as good as it could be. What about all the players before Barber who exhausted their eligibility but didn’t graduate? Where’s the outrage over those guys not getting their college degree? Hell, didn’t Lowe have to go the way of the on-line diploma factory (from a school that is now defunct) to finish his bachelor’s degree because he never got it from NCSU (and head coaches are required to have a 4 year degree to coach D1 athletics)?

    “I miss the game of the 80’s where people stayed there full time for the most part.”
    There, you made my point. You’re not mad Barber isn’t graduating; you’re mad you’re not getting another year of him playing basketball for your favorite team.

    Sorry for the rant, but that struck a nerve (and the passive-aggressive nature of the post didn’t help).


    (and the passive-aggressive nature of the post didn’t help).

    Now you’ve done it. There is a certain decrepit individual who bristles at those words.


    92owen, rest assured, Cat’s playing career will be a long one barring injury. Whether that is in the NBA, D league or overseas remains to be seen. But you can bet your behind he will be a professional basketball player somewhere, and that means he’ll be earning a paycheck. Beats a lot of other ways to earn a living. And if he would like, when his playing days are over, or heck maybe even over the summers when he is training, he can finish off his degree. Or, maybe he makes so much in a year or two that he’ll never have to work another day in his life. Ever think about that one?

    He made the right call. You may not like it, but fortunately for Cat he doesn’t need your permission to live out his dreams.


    Wulfpack, if there was a “like” button, I would hit it. Cat leaving is understandable and it was foreseeable. Can’t fault him, especially with DSJ and Dorn (who can apparently play both guard positions) coming in next season. What grinds my gears, and I think most of the proletariat, is the “unexpected” “surprised” transfers and draft declarations. NC State basketball may indeed be cursed. Shouldn’t have run V off.

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