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    In the first Major League start of his young career on Saturday night, Carlos Rodon overcame some early shakiness to settle down, regain his control a
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    This was simply awesome to watch. WHen you can throw breaking balls on the outside at 84 and come back across the hitters wrists at 96 – you’ll do well. Carlos did well.
    Way to go Carlos!


    What I found most interesting was his pitching motion. Somebody has coached him up, but good.

    Motion is now much more fluid and economical. Often in his college career you could see the effort expended when he was trying to throw it past someone. Last night he just looked consistently smooth, especially when he was hitting the upper 90s.

    And the slider is still just all kinds of nasty.


    Yeah, I gotta think they find a way to keep him in the rotation now. Did yeoman’s work last night.


    Bingo Wuf. That motion was what they began working on at the Team USA Center, in Cary.

    Good eyes, Mr. Red Barber!

    One of the big reasons they started changing him up, was to …well…incorporate him changing it up.

    Remember his early season “struggles” as a Jr?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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