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    Just curious, anyone besides me noticed how Matt Canada has really changed his play calling at Pitt compared to days here in Raleigh? Much more diverse and more pass oriented considering the talent in Conners. Alot more trick plays and imagination too. Example was the tackle reverse play that scored against VaT Thursday nite. Never seen that play anywhere. Could it be more Narduzzi plays or did DD have the reins on Canada to stay more vanilla with play calling?

    Most probably could care less or even watch Pitt, I have a good friend who is on staff there so its interesting for me to see the difference in play book and in game offense.


    Could it be more Narduzzi plays or did DD have the reins on Canada to stay more vanilla with play calling?

    The announcers for that VPI/Pitt game mentioned that when Narduzzi hired Canada, he told Canada the O was all his. Narduzzi apparently backed totally off interfering with whatever Canada wanted to do. I won’t link it, but the recent USA Today article that summarizes Doeren’s transition from last year recognizes that there was some tension in the locker room after changes were made last year. It’s worth a read (very brief), and unfortunately if correct shows that Doeren’s program is hurting bad.


    Two things.
    1. Matt Canada’s ongoing issues with the NCHSAA had more to do with the pressures applied to make changes, than you can imagine.
    2. Des Kitchings.


    I don’t necessarily miss Canada. But I do find it interesting that in the first scoring drive of the season, only Dayes and Samuels touched the ball. Sure teams are going to cue on them defensively, just like every team does for the best opposing players. Which is why I’m struggling to understand why we can’t get them the ball or develop a game plan for them to succeed. What’s the problem?


    Canada couldn’t get 1 first down in the last 3 minutes of the cheat game when he had to. He also went away from using what had worked for 3 qtrs. in that game. Sound familiar?


    Before we hired Canada, I was warned by a buddy who really follows Wisconsin closely that we were in for a mess with him — weird play calling and locker room strife. There was a crazy situation where the OL coach was made a scapegoat 3-4 games into a season and then Canada had play calling duties either revoked or greatly limited. He got them back for one game and they looked awesome, but much because they caught the opponent off guard. In the bowl game it was much less effective.

    The play calling had its moments of greatness and then some clear WTF moments as well. I liked that we were balanced and committed to the run, but I didn’t like how formation, motion and down often signaled the play. Canada also called an erratic game relative to time and situation. To be fair, he’s had issues with that at Pitt as well. Nobody’s play calling is perfect and fans always have the benefit of hindsight.

    The locker room issues are starting to come out and they don’t surprise me at all. It was rumored the season before the Canada might be leaving. I’ve heard he might have been looking before we let him go. The fact that the defense was so bad last year yet we let the OC go so swiftly suggests that there were serious issues there behind the scenes.

    I don’t know the NCHSAA issues that cowdog speaks. I’ve heard rumblings that Coach’s Clinics with Canada didn’t go so well. I’m sure it is more than that though.

    I’m not sure how we consistently alienate high school coaches in NC with our coaches, but we seem to do so. They’re seemingly willing to overlook anything and everything with UNC.


    I heard his nick name was Canada Dry.


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