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    The entire bowl picture won’t be settled until December 7, but it’s at least becoming somewhat clearer where State might end up. There is general cons
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    This morning’s Tampa Bay Times has State going to the Belk Bowl to face Florida. I bet JB would like that match up…Also has Miami going to the Bitcoin Bowl. It would seemingly be best for both Bowls that way, at least attendance-wise.


    I’d love to see the Pack in Charlotte against an SEC opponent.


    The fact that ND even factors into the bowl picture stinks. It’s just as easy to say “GO to hell ND” as it is carowhina. Get in the ACC or get out but screw your “affiliation”.

    Hoping for the Belk. Would be nice to take the family.


    I concur in regard to ND. We should dump them and find two more teams that want to participate in ALL ACC sports.


    How do you differentiate Tier I vs. Tier II? The amount of money you get paid? There’s only 439 of them.


    OK….HELP….I do NOT understand JG’s logic….here is what I THINK he said.

    FOUR Tier I Bowls (Belk, Sun, Pinstripe – Yankee TOWN and EITHER Music or Gator….not both). That is FOUR…by my count, which includes 15 hours of MATH at NCSU with MA301 being the highest…

    There are 6 TEAMS in contention. Three of the teams have 9 – 3 RECORDS. ND is the “fair haired child” and the Remainder of the Tier I teams draw for them…

    NOW WAIT A MINUTE….you got 4 Tier I Bowls….and THREE of them are going to Clemson, ND and Louisville….that leaves 1 BOWL….and ND gets it.

    SO, how do you get to the REST of his logic.

    I really hate to be dense….but as Robby the Robot said in “Lost in Space”….THIS DOES NOT COMPUTE…



    My current (lack of) understanding…

    FSU wins and goes to playoff, GT goes to Orange and Clemson moves up to Russell Athletic and out of the Tier I pool, leaving Duke and ‘Ville as the top picks, other two draw for ND, with loser choosing b/w BC and NCSU.

    GT wins, they still go to Orange, FSU goes to Russell, Clemson falls into the Tier I pool…the end result of which moves both BC and NCSU out of Tier I pool.

    Now, in what order (or how they determine it) the Tier I or Ii bowls choose I have no idea.


    Thanks, WufPacker,

    That’s clears it up a little. I do NOT believe that I can stand to watch the FSU-GT game next week. I believe that we (the WP) should be pulling for FSU….and Johnny Swoff will have all the “creative officiating” mechanisms in place.

    BUT, I can NOT get past that idiotic war chant. If we wanted to be politically correct, we would vote (as a conference) to let them keep their name…or maybe change it to the Tonto’s. And we would BAN the chant. Even a spontaneous chorus of it would draw a 15 Yarder….on the Crowd. Ron Cherry would then have his “Giving us the Business” call.


    I do not know Paul Johnson.
    I do not know Jimbo Fischer
    I do not know Larry Fedora.

    I have conclusions, just the same.

    Jimbo is Larry in FSU garnet. Johnson relaunched my ex roomie, and friend, B Green’s career.

    Therefore, my math figures out to GT kicking FSU to anywhere outside the playoff, and Larry choosing between Detroit, and self-sacrifice.

    Where State winds up is inconsequential to the math.

    F#ck Jimbo. Screw Larry.
    And throw Kelly into the same mix ’cause he put that kid in the tower.


    Jimbo is Larry in FSU garnet.

    ^Really? Jimbo seems to have his ear to the ground much more-so than Red Bull … but that’s just my opinion. Hmmph, interesting assertion.


    Jimbo is Larry in FSU garnet.
    ^Really? Jimbo seems to have his ear to the ground much more-so than Red Bull … but that’s just my opinion. Hmmph, interesting assertion.

    I agree as well and believe JF will be exposed without Winston next year. His lack of in-game coaching skills was reinforced when they lost to us in ’12. Good guy; mediocre coach with phenomenal talent


    … while I understand ya’ll’s sentiments about those ‘NOLES…
    there’s GOTT to be at least ONE exception made here …

    ME! … I GOTT Papers from FSU… but ya’ll know the PACK is where I schooled first and will always be my first TEAM!

    Some of ya’ll just might be biased towards Coaches whose first or last names end in “O”… idk… but then there was Valvano…

    Jimbo is Jimbo… the Head Coach… like everywhere else All Great Head Football Coaches these days… (whatever that means ) have some great Assistant Coaches … it ain’t a one man show. Jimbo gets the job done and the folks in Tallytown like him.

    And everybody there is pretty sure that if Jimbo knew a year and a half ago what Jimbo knows now… JaMeIs would have gone to the NFL last season. JaMeIs will not be playing in Garnet and Gold next season. Bottom line is Jimbo has handled that whole mess as well as any Head Coach anywhere and that’s not any of the Assistant Coaches job.

    And some of ya’ll may know… Jimbo has a secret weapon… and uses it when needed, and that is his “Uncle Bobby” who he does listen to…. especially with respect to in-game coaching. Most everyone of those comebacks this season, came out of Uncle Bobby’s playbook, not Jimbo’s OC’s…

    The NOLES will be a dominant Team next season… which does not mean they win a NC or even a ACC championship… just that they will contend…

    Why worry ’bout the NOLES… when we can have a whole lot more fun discussing the future of Carolina Football under Coach Hat… there’s a little fire over there in more than a few bellies after yesterday’s game… fueled in part by Coach Hat’s, as one TarHole referred to it as, “a Herb Sendek-like post game press conference” with “no apparent concern or understanding as to importance of the game” or “any willingness to figure out what went wrong”… (sound familar?)

    We could “help” them TarHoles with that, if we wanted too…

    Anybody, except Mr. Dog, that puts Jimbo in the same category as Coach Hat… well, they just don’t know what the hell they are talking about…

    That all said, ya’ll go ahead and do whatever pleases you… It’s just a Football game or two …

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    The assertion of Jimbo’s kinship with Fedora rest soley on his lack of fortitude.

    He chooses to wrestle the W over the demons. Same as Fedora.

    Wrestle the demons, then go after the W. Then…ya get an oldschooler’s respect.


    ^I see … I think 😉


    … Mr. Dog… I get where you’re coming from…. but may I add a couple fine distinctions…

    First… there ain’t no shortage of Football Demons to wrestle down in F.L.A… Most outside-of-FLA, football fans are unaware that FSU sits in third place in the Florida football hierarchy, when you throw in Georgia, Alabama and Auburn, that’s means FSU is number six, in their neighborhood… we talk about an ‘inferiority complex’ living in the shadow of the Cheaters, but the comparison fails to travel south… them’s some demons right there… I’m pretty sure Jimbo wrestles them and not without occasional success… Add on top of that — all the “normal stuff” that comes from eighty or so college boys and a fanbase that has high expectations of success, especially against the GatorHoles and the ‘Canes… and you got some more ‘demons’…

    Second… I ain’t real sure that Coach Hat has ever met face to face… the kind of “demons” you refer to…

    Looks like to me, his deal with Bubba was pretty simple… five -seven years — guaranteed money — do the best you can with what you have to work with — keep your kids out of the newspapers and away from agents best you can — don’t get caught cheating and nobody’s gonna bother you about your W-L record… Coach Hat, for the most part, just seems to be “glad to be here”… Depending on one’s perspective, Coach is either the perpetrator or victim of Low expectations…. Bottom line here is, by all appearances, he “ain’t worried ’bout a thing”…

    But memories are short, especially among the Cheaters, deals are made to be broken and the wind is shifting over in Chapel Hill… the moneyed Rams are annoyed and after listening to us gloat until next August… they’re gonna stayed “annoyed”… but that ain’t gonna change a thing…

    The joke is on them ’cause they can’t afford to change Head Football Coaches, after spending TEN MILLION F’ING DOLLARS on BFMD, Black Santa, Withers, Baddour, Thorpe, the coverup, their PR boys, their lawyers and 17 reports and investigations…

    As old Dandy Don used to say… “They GOTT to dance with the one who ‘brung ’em”… and that’s Coach Hat until something like 2020…

    With the NCAA opening permanent offices behind Darryls on Hwy 15-501S, 60% female student body, Kenan averaging about 35,000 on game day, a weak Administration happy with 6-6 teams, more or less, year after year, and ignoring the bunch of old Rams who know everything… Carolina Football appears to be dead for a generation.

    Oblivious meets Mediocrity in Chapel Hill…
    … where a TARHOLE using HWSNBN and Fedora in the same sentencehas GOTT to make you smile…


    That in no ways compares to Jimbo’s “situation” in Tallytown.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    WOW….I watch PR do a CF style comeback and you lads (perhaps lassies…who knows) are AT IT AGAIN….

    I thought that CowDog said he had ConCUSSIONS….and then cleaned my glasses and it was “conclusions”. THANK GOD….he might wander off and not find his way back here and I enjoy him.

    Bill….is the beach THAT deserted? I thought it would have been a wonderful sunset..

    Seriously….over in UNC land, the erstwhile Bob Lee has just RESIGNED (torn up his membership card) in the Larry Fedora Fan Club. THAT is telling. He hung in with Holden for a LONG time….much longer than the rest.

    I don’t know if UNC has MONEY to buy him out. THE Buyout would have to come from the Ram’s Club or the UNC AD. Even little Ms. Light Blue Smurfette can not issue an Executive Order to take the “Unregulated or NON-Restricted Earnings” from the Chapel Hill Fund to pay that little petty cash expenditure.

    Jimbo getting advice from the Imperial Bowden? NOW that would be an interesting conversation….one that I would pay a LOT of hard earned pennies to hear.

    I DO concur that Jimbo has got his hands, MORE THAN FULL, with jaMEis Winston. I once had a very intelligent Boy Scout as part of my troop. He was brilliant and street smart as well. I and the other leaders took the troop to Charleston to spend the night on the battleship…USS Yorktown. He missed curfew…..ever try to find to find a missing kid on a BATTLESHIP when there is a Private High School Graduation party also going on? THAT is what I think jaMEis is….only orders of magnitude WORSE.

    His little “shoving of the ref” incident totally convinced me…..There will be a SECOND Heismann Trophy winner that goes on trial for a capital….or at least a MAJOR Felon offense. It is JUST a matter of time. WHERE are all the adults that are supposed to be around him?

    I still can NOT pull for FSU….but think I will let it play out….regardless of the bowl possibilities. Been to the Tire and the Belk Bowl….been to the Citrus and the Gator (more than once) and to the Papa John’s.COM bowl….as well as the LIBERTY BOWL (toes still numb)….plus a few others. I do NOT plan on going to Detroit or to the Blue Bell whatever…..ECU in Annapolis….don’t know….

    You guys just keep pecking the keys….love it….

    Larry the HAT is NOW irrelevant….and there is absolutely NOTHING that he can do to make the team any better….short of cutting off MANY scholly’s….

    I don’t think that Bubba is WORRIED about sanctions over FB….I think he is worried about redecorating the rafters of the Dean Dome and not having enough banners to spread out….plus there is not enough electronic correction fluid in the universe to fix ALL the records that would be vacated….SHOULD the NCAA EVER act….

    Outta here….play nice….


    Bill….is the beach THAT deserted? I thought it would have been a wonderful sunset..

    ^Roo … the problem ain’t your glasses….you ain’t still into the good stuff celebrating the PACK’s total domination over the hatless Holes … are you ?

    Speaking of deserted…. quite a few of my TarHole friends did miss church this morning… did their mourning in solitary prayer, I suppose…

    When we see that “wonderful sunset” on the beach in New Hanover County…

    Still irrelevant *NC, having moved back to the Southern Conference, will have just finished an 11-1 season…
    ( their sole loss that season will have been to Coach Dave Doeren and the WOLFPACK… )

    but ain’t none of us gonna be worried ’bout the pigskin or the HOLES…
    ’cause the Pigs will all be flying and the HOLES will ALL be humbled on their knees facing East…

    and we won’t be able to tell each other ’bout any of it ’cause the keywords will all be frozen…

    Now if you are hearing the NOLES war chant…
    it’s Chief NokaHoma at your front door…
    ( that’s who Uncle Bobby borrowed that from in 1976 or 77… not the locals)
    invite the Old Medicine Man in and give him a shot of that good stuff and your best chair…
    he’s GOTT something to say…

    along with a more important message…
    he might tell you how proud Uncle Bobby is of his boy Jimbo…
    or about the time Vic tried to steal Norm’s girlfriend, or was it Norm that tried to steal Vic’s girlfriend, idk…
    and a couple of other stories that speak directly to the true character of the relationship ‘tween some coaches…

    just know that on that day when the Chief has finished answering all your questions, ya’ll are going for a little ride…

    Wooooooooooo -Haaaaaaaaa -HOO -AAAAAA -Haaaaa -Haaaaaaaaa

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I’m not trying to be contrary, but I’m not sure that I agree with much of the sentiment in the posts.

    First on NC State’s bowl, I’d rather us play in a lower tier bowl. Let’s be honest. We got handled by the 4 ranked teams we played this year, and in one swing game (BC). If we go into a bowl game against a team with a clear talent advantage, we’re going to get rolled, which will take away some of our momentum heading into next season or on the recruiting trail.

    I’d rather Duke or ND go take a shelling. I’d rather us play some mid-tiered team from the Big 10, Big 12 or Pac 12 where we have a chance. Get the game over early, get to 8 wins and parlay that into some late recruiting.

    With conference revenue sharing, I’m not that sure it really matters anyways who is where (so long as 1 of our teams is in that Final Four). We care that our teams win. I guess the fans that are traveling care, but most of these middle to lower tier games seem to be viewed primarily on TV.

    As for Jimbo, I have no respect for him. He’s completely mishandled the Winston situation. I suspect if people really dug around, they’d find he was in cahoots with local media, law enforcement, etc.. College football is big business in Tallahassee, and I suspect they have “support structures” that are similar to UNC’s. If Jimbo were a man of character, he’d have dismissed Winston by now, championship and Heisman or not. I fully believe that kid is on the take.

    As for Fedora, he’s perfect for UNC. He’ll be going no-where. I suspect he’s got enough dirt on them based on how they’ve tried to duck sanctions that he’ll have collateral to leave on his terms.


    Get the game over early, get to 8 wins and parlay that into some late recruiting.

    Rye, Not the thread to talk about it but Doeren ain’t selling the past (bowl wins or W/L record) he’s selling a future for the recruit to live into — what they can build together, family, meaningful diploma, etc. Important to get this: if it had squat to do with the W/L record or bowls, there wouldn’t be very many highly rated recruits around for us to pick from.

    Even EweNC is selling the future — sleeping giant, graduating with a degree (and never mind how they get it) from the flagship, etc. They are not landing 4* and 5* recruits using their W/L or bowl record. Unfortunately for EweNC (heh, heh, heh) that future is looking darker and darker as each new snafu is uncovered and they can see what Fedora is doing with all his high-ranked recruits.

    What bowl will we wind up in? Any good fortune is gravy. It really don’t matter. For what Doeren is up to IMNSHO in the long term the practice time is far more important.


    Grey: Imagine the two scenarios:
    1) End on 3 game winning streak that includes 2 in conference blow outs against in state team + a bowl game. This is the likely scenario at a lesser tier bowl.
    2) End the season on a loss getting pantsed on national television by a physically superior team. This is the likely scenario if we end up pitted against someone like Tennessee or Florida.

    I think it’s a lot easier to sell recruits with scenario #1 than it is on #2. Florida fires their coach because he stinks so badly and Tennessee is in the middle of a bad downswing. If we met them in a bowl game, and they embarrassed us given their current situations, I don’t see how that helps recruiting. It would just show how far away we actually are.


    Gotta say, Rye, I’m glad you aren’t part of the acceptance commitee.

    Dude. Dream for a second that you play. Who and where on earth would you prefer to bowl?

    There’s only one answer, and in the end…THAT’s what it’s all about.

    The best possible.


    ^ or if you know anybody that plays or played football at Western Carolina or fans that travel… just ask them about their annual game in Tuscaloosa…

    With a month to “prepare”…
    We might could beat them GATORHOLES … who knows ? They ain’t that good…

    Personally, I always loved situations where you had nothing to lose and everything to gain…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I hope State gets a shot at Florida. The fog is not going to save the gator holes this time around like in 1992. We gonna own the SEC soon enough.


    Florida has been the model of inconsistency. You don’t know what your gonna get out of them. With Muschamp kicking his legs up this holiday season, who really knows? Tennessee to me would be the tougher draw as the Vols are building. I look for the Vols and Razorbacks to make a little noise next year in the SEC.

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