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    Anyone else noticing how the team seems to be excelling more with more playing time from Batts Jr during Johnsons suspension? I really think his energy has ignited the team. We certainly saw it against Duke when he came in. And with Clemson game, he was a defensive little gnat. In Batts short time with more minutes, he has 18 steals and 29 assists. Yurt has emerged as possible star on the team but credit has to be giving to Batts. Johnson may see his play time due to Batts play remain limited. Really like how this team is gelling. Credit KK or maybe its similar to how Whittenburg went down to injury by putting a player in the spotlight that other wise would not seen as many minutes. Something that may lead to good things as the season winds down.


    Since Coach KK likes to play ‘small ball’… I’m thinking that once Markell gets out the KK doghouse…
    We might enjoy seeing Batts and Markell on the court at the same time…

    Markell is and will continue to be the better ‘floor leader’ at PG… plus his year experience in the league will be important in February and March….

    And if you like ‘small ball’, imagine Markel, Batts && Beverly plus TWO MAD BIGS…
    bonus here would be spreading the BIGS minutes and fouls out so they can all finish the game without foul trouble…

    Of course… this won’t matchup well against every opponent…

    GO PACK!

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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