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    Due to my recent brushes with the Flu, a Sinus Infection and then, FINALLY, getting “Chipped and Tuned” by my Cardio Doc, I have been deprived of any Alcohol since Thursday, February 9. I think it is negatively impacting me and hopefully, after a week or so more of “healing”, I can imbibe again. SO, this post was meant for a little humorous take on tonight’s EPIC BATTLE.

    For those of you that remember watching Amos and Andy, there was a book that was frequently read to children that has been since banned. MOST do not know that the story was by Helen Bannerman, a Scottish Author….and it was published in 1899.

    When the PC folks started taking over, they spread the rumor that it was a Southern Racist Book, published by the KKK. I remember my parents reading it to me and they were NOT, like many of the Politicians, card carrying members of the KKK. They had the views of our southern community….and we did NOT “Ride at Sunset” and did not daily spew racial hatred. We coexisted. It was Segregated…but it was NOT the south that history has falsely portrayed as the “NORM”.

    In this book, the main character, the pride of his parents, has some bright new clothes, an umbrella and other fashionalble items. He is walking in the jungle and is accosted by four tigers. In order to save himself, he gives up the clothes and they split them up and parade around telling each other that THEY are the coolest of the “Hood”. That leads to some hostilities. They eventually start chasing each other in a circular pattern….accelerating to speeds unknown to their species. Eventually, they reach terminal velocity….and the forces of physics intercede. Here is an “edited” summary of the plot from Wiki…

    The hero is a South Indian boy who lives with his father and mother……. While out walking, He encounters four hungry tigers, and surrenders his colourful new clothes, shoes, and umbrella so they will not eat him. The tigers are vain and each thinks he is better dressed than the others. They chase each other around a tree until they are reduced to a pool of ghee (clarified butter). He then recovers his clothes and collects the ghee (translated into butter?), which his mother uses to make pancakes.

    Prior to the PC infiltration, it was considered (worldwide) as a tribute to the young man….and his race. He used common sense and had prowess to escape the carniverous tigers….BUT, alas and alack….it was eventually banned….

    As I watched the ads for the epic battle and also discussed the upcoming game with some UNC fans, I mused that what I really HOPED for was a modern day version of the “CHASE SCENE”. In that the blues would chase themselves UP and DOWN the court until they all turned in a massive blob of GHEE….and that afterwards, coach Roy and Mikey, would have to sift through the GHEE to recover the body parts and other residue of their team and that they would have “eliminated” each other. I WONDERED if they knew what GHEE was and WHERE it came from…

    SO, my wish tonight….that the Blues emulate the Tigers….and either in a circular motion or random patterns, reach terminal velocity and are physically reduced to BLUE GHEE (That would be a GREAT name for a Rock Band).

    SO, do ANY of you have any preferences or predictions….mine, haphazardly is that DUKE will be motivated MORE and that ORW will NOT be a happy camper.

    I DID note that during the Handshake that Mikey and ORW were joking and smiling. I think that Mikey told him NOT to cue the taunting fan….that even at his age and physical condition, he could “Take Him Out”. ORW responded….OK, if you take it easy on us tonight….remember it is SENIOR night.

    Outta HERE….

    BTW….PIC is Politically IN Correct…


    One thing to pull for: structural failure.



    B’rer Roo…

    I’m watching that game…

    Why, some might ask?

    1. I grew up in the middle of Tobacco Road… it’s what we do… when the PACK is not not playing….

    2. It’ nice to watch “well-played” basketball between two teams who will leave it all on the court… without having a “dog in that hunt”….

    3. Sadly, I’m reminded when EVERY game between WS and Rawlee was played the same way, with the same intensity….

    Besides, it only took Grayson about 5 minutes on the floor to show he’s a dick….
    And then I wonder what Amile would have done in 4 years in Red and White….


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    I watch, no sound. Frequently change channel and wish for summer.


    According to K on the radio this morning, the WHOLE WORLD watches this game. Therefore they don’t need my eyeballs.


    Damn good bball game if you’re colorblind…
    Not a lot of Team Defense… and some poor free throw shooting determined the outcome…

    … but yet another reminder of the sh#t we’ve been passing off as “quality” for years…

    Good night gents!

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Not colorblind. Didn’t watch. Don’t care.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    A book on the life of Huckleberry Finn in light blue I will never open. “My Darling, Clementine”

    On the hill in the pit
    Where the oak doth entwine
    There grows roses and other posies
    Fertilized by Clementine


    I did, until midway in H2, watch it. Sort of dozed off. It was a pretty well fought match….save the fact that Mikey had the FT advantage. The BABY Blues did a much better job of running their offense and scoring from all areas of the court….deprived of FT’s, they were.

    If I COULD edit the title, I should have used the Carolina Plott Hound (NC’s local DRUDGEREPORT) and called it the battle of the Blue Snowflakes. That was catchy and certainly befits the current positions of the Universities.

    Reminds me of the old Star Trek episode where there were two entities, NOT peacefully coexisting in their world….and as usual, Captain Kirk (his exploits were Galactic….when Coach G’s is more local) decided to check out the young booty.

    The “A” Race was a humanoid that had a vertical line right down from their nose. Their LEFT side was WHITE. Their RIGHT side was BLACK.

    The “B” Race (AHHH….you GUESSED IT….you crafty quick thinkers) were BLACK on their LEFT side and WHITE on their RIGHT side. They could not understand how Kirk and the crew could NOT tell the difference….and they were typically at each other’s throats.

    I think that you could taken the student body from BOTH UNC and Dook and stripped off their attire (LGBTQX rules apply) and then permanently PAINTED them. LIGHT BLUE on the RIGHT side and DARK BLUE on the LEFT for the UNC crowd and the reverse for the Dookies. THEN let them have at it.

    The “circular race” (think NASCAR’s LEFT TURNS) could begin and the Blue GHEE would have been the same.

    Except, in this case, it would have been sort of “Frozen”. SO you could have Blue Snowflake Snow Cream. However, you would have been required to have a equally divided Votive Candle and eating snow cream and holding your Copyrighted Yankee Blue Snowflake Candle would have been a bit difficult….

    NOW, one WOULD expect that both Roy and Mikey were ACC 2017….COY shoeins…..perhaps JOINT. NOT TO BE.

    Young Mr. Josh Pastner, a Cal protoge, has captured THAT honor….

    Drum roll for the BEE’s…..

    Actually, IMHO, NOT a bad choice. If you good the Fox Sports “Bringing Back the BUZZ”, that was a pretty compelling (as well as a propaganda) video. Certain shows what you can do if you set your mind to it.


    ^Reminds much of the Star Belly Sneetches story by the great Dr Seuss…

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