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    Yeah, I was confused about that too. Even though it was free admission, I received tickets and a parking pass for the game as part of my season’s package. I brought them just in case and ended up needing both the parking pass and the tickets.

    Glad you mentioned that, I paid $10 to park on the other side of a completely empty parking lot. I feel so valued as a fan and alumnus.


    Glad you mentioned that, I paid $10 to park on the other side of a completely empty parking lot. I feel so valued as a fan and alumnus.

    Yeah, the last straw for me was when they started blocking row after row after row off empty fair ground (State, as in the State of NC, owned, ie public) parking to force you into a tiny area of pay parking.

    Oh, I also really liked it when years ago, they started charging for the internet feed of the FREE radio broadcast. Something that Cuban’s, and later Yahoo, provided for free for every school. That was, of course, before schools realized it could be used as another way to squeeze a few more bucks from fans and alums. Way to continue the warm fuzzies to loyal fans and alums who might be traveling for business.

    It’s all about the $$$. I got the message and returned it in kind.


    I went with two other other families. I new they would charge parking so I parked somewhere eek else
    I hate to complain about a free game but I was ‘given’tickets in section 111 which is the end zone. It was packed while the sides were wide open. I asked if we could suit there and was told no. It was just stupid.
    As to the game, Cat looks great. Abu looks much improved. Maverick has that ‘I can hit it all day’ shot. One of the Martin’s shot looks much better too.
    I could not two much about Henderson. He did not do much but seemedc athletic. We are going to be reallyb hurting when car is out. We should just wait out the clock and have a three when he is sitting. The other team m made a rub everytimev he sat. If he gets hurt pack up the season. This for seen to be a defenseb oriented team. It week be interesting to watch that as that does not seem to be Gotts sweet spot.

    BTW I will say they did a good job with the autographs. We were able to get sigs from all the players. I was impressed with how nice they were given they had to be tired.


    Sorry. My phone ruined that post but I am not fixing it.


    Sorry. My phone ruined that post but I am not fixing it.

    Rick – I always enjoy auto correct Chinese. It expands my language skills.



    was passing by this afternoon and we stopped at the PNC….

    yeah… makes all the sense in the world to pay $10 to park at a free game…
    free parking and a $10 ticket makes even more sense…

    With one good eye… this is what I saw…

    The first half…from sec 316….

    Fast start… then we relaxed … and I’m wondered how long this time can play hard…

    Second half… from sec 121 – 10 rows behind the bench…

    Anthony is starting to look like that first team all ACC guard we knew he could be…
    ABU is the real deal…
    Henderson is just feeling his way around the edges…
    Freshman will be Freshman all season….
    Kirk needs to hit the weight room and find 20lbs…
    Rowan and Kirk need to switch haircuts…


    I asked my daughter “where’s Anya?” She said he’s not playing…
    Then he comes into the game…

    Obviously … in spite of the weight loss… he flunked summer school …
    Anybody hoping he’s gonna be a positive force this season is either a troll or clueless or both…
    He just ain’t getting it…

    Anya had a 3 minute or so run… a couple of fouls, a bad pass and couple of goofy shots and there’s a timeout…
    Coach speaks to Henderson, then Anthony coming to bench…
    Of course Anya is dragging a%% in the back of line…

    Coach doesn’t “bother” him…

    Now you know it’s bad when….
    your Coach doesn’t talk to you after a couple of bonehead plays…
    Seems to me we’re still missing one piece of the puzzle, other than at point guard…

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Thanks for reminding me about Anya. I think he had 0 points and a few blocks. From memory he missed 6 FTs.
    It appears he lost weight but did not gain anything.


    I’m trying to temper my enthusiasm about Cat because it was just an exhibition game, but as well as Cat played in the back half of last year, he looks like he has gone to a whole new level. He had a floor presence that I’ve not seen from him, and his shot looks so much improved. Maybe he was deferring to Lacey last year? I don’t know what it is, but he definitely looks like the real deal this year.


    If you remember from last year toward the end of the season, Cat went from 1.0 to 2.0 then all the way to Cat 3.0 at the end. This was as his shot improved as well as his leadership, ball handling, and decision making. Maybe we will see Cat 4.0 this year?

    As for KH, I think Gott will get his head straightened out as the year progresses. I think that is his greatest strength, getting the most out of his players. I know KH has been a challenge, but he has shown how good he can be. Let’s hope he wants it bad enough do it all the time.


    Of course Anya is dragging a%% in the back of line…

    Funny, I think I know exactly which sequence you’re referring to. I turned to my wife and said, “He still runs like he’s 320”

    Maybe he’s just wiped out from trying to get his body in shape.


    ^ tough position to be in as a Coach…

    You’ve given “the kid” two years…
    You’re looking at 7 or 8 “other kids” who need your “attention”..

    If you give “the kid” the attention he needs to get him where he needs to be…
    there’s no time left for the “other kids”…


    do you write “the kid” off…
    and give the “other kids” your 100% ?

    At this point in time, I know what I would do.

    This is why the Coach gets the big bucks and a short term contract….

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
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