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    Backing the Pack, which is a great site and you should check it out, did the math and figured out we can’t hit the broad side of a barn.

    MG’s first year we shot 52.8% from 2, which was good for 17th nation wide. It has trended down every single year since then. This year we’re shooting 45.4% to put us in 307th place.

    Now the surprising part. At the same time we’ve become abysmal from 2, we’ve improved every single year on defense with the most dramatic change coming in the last two years.

    MG’s first year our opponents shot 47.5% to put us at 188th. This year, they’re shooting 43.1% which is good for 37th.

    What are the takeaways on offense? MG doesn’t develop players? Can’t make’em hit shots? Offense isn’t generating looks?

    What are the takeaways on defense? Everybody is shooting worse? Our opponents are playing down to us? We’re actually better?

    I’ll leave the hot takes to the experts.


    ^I generally like Backing the Pack, particularly AkulaWolf’s articles. He questioned GOtt’s hiring from the start, citing the poor defensive showings.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think this article is very good. The eye test will tell you as much about offensive production and shot selection. But the defensive numbers are incredibly misleading. Barber is one, if not the best, on-the-ball defenders in the conference. Anya does a pretty solid job altering and blocking shots. But other than that, we’re not very good. FG% defense isn’t really a good measure of defense. It ignores too much. If you look instead at Kenpom, we’re ranked 107 in adjusted defensive efficiency, and we’re 65 in offensive efficiency. The latter number, which is low for a GOTT coached team, clearly indicates the decline in 2 and 3 pt field goal percentage, and overall shot selection. The defensive number is fairly in line with where Gott’s teams are normally, if not slightly worse.


    I like to use numbers to back up my positions but what those defensive numbers say and what my eyes say are not lining up.


    Is everyone getting worse… we lead the way?

    Does playing tougher defense lead to less energy on the offensive end of the floor?

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