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    Wolfpack men follow up with 3rd straight ACC title is swimming. The men have been dominate for going on three years with a good chance the better their 4th place at NCAA in march. This is the first time since i was a state in the mid to late 80s that we were this good in swimming. Good to see the women win as well. Non-revenue sports continue to look good.

    Now get the bball hire right.


    Hell yes!

    I’ll have a Fresca to celebrate.



    Sport is sport. And I resemble that remark…3 straight is a head bob.


    Swimming is awesome. These guys dominated. Major props to Yow for major improvements in non-revenue sports.

    Now, if we can just find the equivalent of this guy in basketball we will be PDH.


    Your comments mirror a lot of what I hear from a friend that is an Ex NCSU swimmer and also hosts some functions for the team and is a bit involved….within NCAA Guidelines. He was a little, rightly so, irrate at the fact that they were not honored, but finally, about midway into the UVA game they were. They got a rousing round of applause….as well they should.

    Right, Wrong or Indifferent, the NON-Revenue sports and the Director’s Cup ranking DOES carry a lot of weight if you are NOT a top 10 in any of the Revenue sports.

    Hats off to DY for the changes that she made and I HOPE that she does as good with the MBB coach as she has done in a lot of others.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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