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    Thanks for the response, Va. The proof of the point I was making is in the posts themselves there for anyone to read. Then followed by the lack thereof after the comeback. Followed by the response the next day of no credit to the team or coach, but that LSU “pulled a State and gave it to us.”

    It feels like I broke some sort of unwritten rule in criticizing Jiga, although he wasn’t the only one. Although I stand by every point I made and it’s there for all to see, perhaps I did not do it the right way. I am sure we’re all pulling for the same team and I can see we have different ways of doing that. I have a hard time understanding the negativity that some choose to do it, but we’re all different. I choose to be optimistic and hope that State and Gott will succeed and even believe that they will, while others choose to be pessimistic and “surprised” when they win. I get it.

    BTW I don’t really expect a substantial response.

    Maybe we can all at least agree that I did provide a substantial response:)
    Now, let’s get fired up and win a ballgame tonight!!

Viewing 51 post (of 51 total)
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