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    Don’t look now…but, Arizona State and old Herb Sendek are starting to get hot in the desert.

    Sendek’s Sun Devils have won three straight games with wins over Washington (#189 RPI), UCLA (#48 RPI) and USC (#185) and have now improved to 15-12 overall and have moved up to #86 in the RPI! They’ve got 2 Top 50 wins and 6 Top 100 wins and bad losses to #138, #140 and #155.

    Who knows…if they get hot and win the Pac 12 Tournament Coach Sendek will have advanced to his third NCAA Tournament in nine years and will serve to save his job after so many Sun Devils fans had written him off earlier in the season!

    Will be fun to watch from a afar. Personally, I think it would be fun for Sendek to get to three NCAA Tournament appearances in three times the years it took Coach Gottfried to do the same at NC State. I like symmetrical math.


    You ‘said’ the name of HWSNBN.


    Well, not so much.

    9 points on 15% shooting in the first half tonight at Utah. 41-9 Utah at the half.



    ^That is impressive. I would think you’d actually have to put forth effort to lose that badly. You could play blindfolded and not do much worse. Final score was a 40+ point beatdown.


    Herb is toast. Down 41-9 at halftime and lost by more than 40+ points. Not a recipe for long term success.


    I’m pretty sure a U15 girls church league team with no coach could do better than that.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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