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    No, I’m not drunk and that thread title is not just gibberish. This is really a thing.

    I’m honestly not certain what part of this story is the stupidest.

    ASPEN, Colo. — A Colorado art museum is standing by an upcoming exhibit featuring three tortoises with iPads mounted on their backs, despite calls from animal-rights activists to call off the exhibit as animal abuse.

    The Aspen Art Museum released a statement Wednesday supporting the exhibit by Cai Guo-Qiang called “Moving Ghost Town.” The exhibit opens Saturday as part of the public grand opening of the town’s new $45 million museum.

    The African Sulcata tortoises will roam around grass on the museum’s roof deck garden. Each will have two iPads showing video of area ghost towns.


    This is ridiculous. It’s crucial for early tortoise development that they be properly stimulated. Giving them an iPad to keep them quiet is the worst form of care taking. I agree, it is tantamount to animal abuse, even if through neglect.

    I’d be surprised if the touch screen can even read interactions from their scaly little turtle feet.

    What a waste of money.


    I shoulda thought of that.
    Back in my more creative days,I tried mounting a Cougar for an exhibit.

    All it got me was 30 days.


    That’s cause it was a Cougar versus a Cougarette, Cowdog! I used to know a few of those in Raleigh back in the day of the Carolina Cougars…

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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