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    WV Wolf

    Here are a few interesting attendance percent capacity numbers after week 5. State fell off a little bit down to 99.23%, 2nd in the ACC and 22nd in th
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    Somehow Cincinnati is at 111% capacity, their average attendance is 4000 more than their stadium holds. Maybe the NCAA has outdated capacity numbers for some stadiums?

    I surprised the holes didn’t think of this and just tell the NCAA their stadium capacity is only 30,000. Even then they’d still have a tough time breaking into the top half.


    We know in college football that the large state schools with the big alumni bases have a sognoficant advantage. What most strikes me as odd about this is how there are 6 teams in the ACC whose fans seemingly care (and this would expect the school to be trying). Four of those are in one division.

    What’s also interesting was the placement of Louisville into the league. It was a time to rebalance things or at least shift a UVA or Pitt over.


    ^ With Maryland’s departure, I would like to see a realignment of divisions with one consisting of the 7 pre-expansion ACC teams and the other made up of the former Big East schools + FSU. See below. That would maintain all traditional rivalries.

    Makes too much sense though. Swofford will never go for it.

    NC State
    Ga Tech

    Va Tech


    ^Looks good to me. I like it.


    “sognoficant” – my new favorite word!


    What is interesting to me is that State is 22nd in the Power 5 in percent attendance at 99.23%.

    You are telling me that there are 21 more schools that average less than 3/4 of a percent from being at capacity? Right.

    And during the offseason, you heard a lot of debate about how to get more people, especially students, to the game.

    But 1/3 of the schools almost are at full capacity? I seriously doubt that can be true. Is this Curry math?


    but Purdue is a little surprising to me.

    A once proud football program that has taken it on the noggin. Past three years they’ve gone 6-7, 1-11, 3-9. They’ve gone 0-8 and 1-7 in the Big Ten the past two seasons. What’s worse, Indiana is better than them (beat them past two years). That’s blasphemy in West Lafayette. Can Painter coach football? Oh yea, he already does, sort of.


    I am all in agreement on foose’s proposed division re-alignment. This keeps the long-time ACC teams together and ditto for the old Big East teams, with geography actually mattering.

    Swofford needs to go; only then will a sensible re-alignment ever get discussed.

    I could live with the current alignment IF we could play cross-division rivals at least every other season. As I’ve ranted before, why does NC State play South Alabama 3 times during a stretch when we don’t even play Duke period? And during that period, we HAVE to play BC and Syracuse each season.

    Look at this week’s ACC matchups. There are 3 really good ones but the rest of them are simply godawful.

    I have sat out this football season primarily because of the idiot schedule.


    Where do the attendance numbers come from?. What are they counting? Tickets sold plus some guess on the students, maybe tickets sold and issued to students but not bodies on the seats! Maybe they add you when you come back after half time. The attendance at State’s game last week was stated at just a few hundreds short of capacity. That was not the game I was at! I would say we had 46 to 50K at most. We had the corners fairly empty, the end zone student sections were half full, the main student area had some gaps, even the small section where recruits seat was half full. Did we hire the guy from UNC-Cheat that does the counting? If anyone one believes those numbers I have some beach front property in Kansas to sell you!


    ^They are reported to the NCAA, and I am fairly certain it is tickets sold. It would be next to impossible to count fannies in the seats on gameday.

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