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    Since Alabama has been a topic of interest in our message forums the last couple of days, and because this is just too good to pass up for a Friday af
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    If only the Bama defense had the same fight.


    First video, 1:17, the move on the railing. Some dancing experience, there.


    Ah yes….Fan loyalty and rivalries can get out of hand. We attended a NCSU v. UNC FB game at Kenan years ago. Our first venture was courtesy of a well placed booster who gave away all the tickets to NCSU fans. That was the infamous…Jim Knight repays UNC for saving his life by ruling that T. A. McLendon did NOT score a TD.

    The other was later on. We purchased tickets for the UNC game through the WPC. We had LOUSY Seats way up and in a corner. There were a LOT of Obnoxious (is there any other genre?) UNC fans that had also purchased tickets as they were easily had from the WPC. So in this block of NCSU loyal one particular light blue clad female was really being obnoxious and using crude language and also berating NCSU and the Zebra’s. I left to get my wife a soda and when I got back things were eriely quiet in the section. It seems that my DW of more than 40+ years had gotten a bit irritated (soberly I might add) and felt the need to voice displeasure with the prattle. She stood up and turned around and looked the woman in the eye and said….You are the reason that our fight song says “Go to Hell, Carolina” or perhaps, it is UNC fans like you that cause us to sing…”GTH Carolina”.
    I have been told that no fisticuffs were involved and that as the lady left, in an agitated state, that her husband apologized for his wife’s behavior and blamed PMS or some other feminine malady.

    BUT, my wife did not jump over seats and attack the woman…if she had….my money would have been on my wife….

    The Bama – OU game was fascinating….it is what Dave C and the Dookies seemed like they were going to do Johnny Football and his compadres. BUT, if they show that idiotic Nissan Rogue (even if it is a RED Rogue) one more time, I might pull an Elvis and blow away my HD TV…

    GO PACK….



    That story is similar to the one I had this year at the State UNC game. I took my 24 year old niece who is a Volleyball player at another D1 school, she is a die hard State Fan. We ended up with tickets in the UNC section of CF. There where mostly families with young kids, many young kids. There was one loud UNC fan that had a very fowl mouth. After a quarter and a half of this during a break my niece apologized to me stood up turned around, looked at the guy and told him that there where young kids around who did not need to hear his fowl mouth and that it was time for him to stop showing his lack of intelligence. He started to say something to her, she just looked at him again and told him that since his parents had not raised him properly she would gladly go up there and wash his mouth out and spank him. His buddies gave him a hard time that a State girl had just abused him and he could say nothing. He was quiet the rest of the game. When he left at halftime, many of the UNC fans thanked my niece for shutting him up.

    I was afraid a fight was going to break out, when she sat down I looked at her and asked her what her plan was if he threw a punch. Her comment, Uncle Bill, I was going to use physics, he was above me, I was just going to grab him and let his momentum carry him down the seats. I love my niece!!


    ^ Newton learned something about physics after mouthing off to that apple tree.


    The best part of the mom being interviewed is the money quote:

    Her biggest concern seemed to be what Coach Saban’s reaction would be when reporters question him about it.

    “I’m embarrassed. I love The Tide and I apologize to all the players and to Coach Saban and to the entire fan base. I’m sorry. Coach Saban’s going to say ‘those crazy fans don’t know how to act.’ And I wasn’t intoxicated either. I want people to know that. I’d had a couple of drinks, but I was not intoxicated.”


    This is a story because she has a rocking body.


    In the spirit of sportsmanship and goodwill, I have sent an invitation to Mrs. Pritchett to attend the next home State/unx game. I will need 4 extra tickets for the rest of her family, Roll Tide.


    Back in ’85 or so I was working in Atlanta, and went to see some Braves games with buddies of mine, one of whom was from northern Ohio. At one game, there was a very loud, very drunk contingent of some rather unkempt, belligerent, wayward southern gentlemen sitting behind us. After a couple of incidents involving them, ourselves and the rest of the crowd around us, my friend stood up, turned around to the crowd and said “And THAT’S why you lost the war.” Uh oh. To my surprise, everyone laughed. Except for the gentlemen, since they were being escorted out by security.

    re: crazy mom – she wasn’t intoxicated, she was drunk!



    Either her husband is a lucky man, or he’s scared to death of her.

    Illegitimi non carborundum

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