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    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: …At the board of trustees meeting for the Georgia Tech Athletic Association last Thursday, athletic director Mike[See the full post at: AJC: ACC Considering 9-game Schedule (again)]


    The bottom line from all such speculative articles:

    But, TV money may trump.

    But in this particular case, the money pressure also benefits the people in the stands as well as the TV audience. The open issue is whether or not the TV money is sufficient to make up for one less home game (and its associated revenue) some years.


    Easy solution – count the ND tilt as one of the 9. You can count it in the standings, or not. Teams already don’t play the same schedule at all, so I don’t see the big deal in handling either way.


    All the ADs are acting like drama queens about having to play ND once every few years.


    BJD…you’d have to do something, because you can’t have 15 teams play 9 games each, the numbers multiplied by each other 15×9 result in an odd number, so every year some team would have to play either 8 or 10 games. That’s where ND and their 5 games can fix things.


    Only 14 teams for football..14*9=126


    It’s amazing how Notre Dame can F up this conference in football, even when they’re not a football member.

    The only way Notre Dame can “fix things” is come aboard as a full league member, or just go away. I say throw ’em out, because they are NEVER going to join this conference as long as they can keep their cake and eat it too.

    The ACC should be more concerned about who gets to play who each season rather than how many league games we play. Instead of having to play Boston College and Syracuse each season, among others, State should be playing Duke, UVA, VT and Miami much more than once or twice every ten years.

    To me, and to any fan who values long-standing and sensible geographic rivalries, this is THE problem in the ACC. Look at the latest pre-season baseball poll; UVA is #1 and State won’t even get to play ’em, along with only one game vs UNC.


    The use of divisions is a joke. The ACC could establish an open rotation (with probably at least one ‘partner’) and make scheduling much more consistent and competitive.


    Additional conference game or Presbyterian? Don’t see the dilemma. But “in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king”.

    Alpha Wolf

    The AD’s see a drop in revenue since they can’t soak the fans for a game against Northeast Sisters of the Poor JV, and coaches see a potentially losable game and a loss of a home game every other year.

    IMO, the AD’s can bite it, an ACC team should NEVER be playing an FCS team in the first place. As for the coaches, man up, you don’t learn much from beating a hapless squad you have no business playing and fans would prefer a meaningful game anyway.

    As usual, it is all about money, nothing in sports isn’t these days, so don’t expect it to happen.


    It sounded like ESPN may force the issue to produce the ACC Network.

    NBC will still own all of Notre Dame’s home games (even its ACC games), so the ACC Network will need more watchable material.


    Alpha – I don’t get your comments above. We charge much less for NE Sisters of the poor than for a league game. Why are you insistent that the AD’s would rather sell a $35 ticket instead of a $65 ticket?

    Also, the AD’s approved the 9-game schedule in 2012. As the article specifically says, they went back to 8 games to allow ND to compete in a partial rotation.

    The solution is to create the marketable package with 9 games which could possibly lure ND into full time participation or push them out for a better full time member. The NBC deal with ND is not a lifetime agreement.


    The solution is to create the marketable package with 9 games which could possibly lure ND into full time participation or push them out for a better full time member. The NBC deal with ND is not a lifetime agreement.

    NBC stuck with ND when they sucked. So there is no reason to think that NBC will pull out anytime soon.

    Several years ago, there was an article that talked about how the ND athletic dept made enough money that they were donating around $1M every year to the school. As long as the AD is running a budget surplus, ND might not even be interested in joining a conference even if it could offer a better TV package.

    BTW, where do you expect to find “a better full time member”?


    Notre Dame’s NBC ratings have been at their highest since the late 80’s, and they just extended the agreement — they aren’t going to be a full member anytime soon.

    In the end, adding Notre Dame as a partial member — and a full member of our bowl package — was a brilliant move, because it will ensure the ACC stays in the Power 5.


    When the five power conferences form a new football subdivision ND will be on board as a full time member so they can play for the national championship


    Count me in as not seeing the problem. Ever since they schedule expansion to 12 games the only thing that has happened is that all the schools added a “pre-season” game.
    Give me a real game for my money and be ready to suit up on labor day weekend.
    As far as ND, I hope State gets to play them every year. That will be the marquee game on everyone’s schedule when they’re on it.

    Good Lord, a lot of the Forum posters whinned about moving to a better conference for 2 years then the ACC beefs-up and now you’re complaining that you’ll have to play an extra game againsta decent opponent.

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