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    A few weeks ago, StateFansNation had an update on the future non-conference schedules for the Wolfpack after it was announced that Troy had been added
    [See the full post at: Additional Non-Conference Football Scheduling information]


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    I’m pretty sure the Notre Dame games were set up by the ACC in the deal with ND, who is required to play X number of ACC teams every year. So again, it wasn’t NC State who set up a game against a Power 5 team.



    What’s the worst that happens, we go to Tuscaloosa and lose?

    There’s far more upside than downside here for a program that so desperately wants to be on the rise. At some point you have to stop attempting to manufacture bowl eligibility.



    This is shocking (and really well done). Win or lose, it is past time for the Pack to step up to the plate and grow a pair.



    2018 and 2019 Power Conference team will be Mississippi State.



    did someone already reference this?

    NC State stands alone here. It has three home games in the non-conference lined up. If it truly has a schedule spot open, it could play at Alabama and hit that magic seven-home-games threshold. If the Tide’s last 2015 opponent is on this list, it’s most likely to be NCSU.



    That home-and-home we had in the mid-90s with Roll Damn Tide was fun. We were shit, they were…not. But the games still managed to be very entertaining and competitive.



    What’s the worst that happens, we go to Tuscaloosa and lose?

    And we lose a few starting linemen in the process.



    For the most part NC State has historically done a pretty good job of trying to get at least one quality out of conference opponent each season. The problem has been that historically these schools back out of the agreement and we end up scrambling to fill the schedule with crap opponents. It sounds as if the former administration was a major culprit here, but I can remember other schools backing out of deals before Fowler came on board.

    And you give ESPN too much credit. The home and home scheduled series had nothing to do with ESPN. What they did was take a 2 game series and turn into a single event. They robbed both teams of a home game and eliminated a game from the schedule that both schools had to fill – probably with a nobody opponent.

    I agree that it has to improve, but it has not entirely been for lack of wanting to play a good opponent.



    Three teams from Alabama in one season?
    That’s the only down side I see to playing Alabama in 2015. I would love it.
    I know the coaches like to schedule teams to give them recruiting help. It would probably be better to spread all that Alabama love over the course of several years, but like about every one reading this, I would take a game against Alabama about anytime we could get it. (because it will never be very often)

    If we beat South Alabama, and Troy …. And Alabama (dreaming), could we claim the state championship without playing Auburn?



    I remember the series with Alabama; it was a down period in their recent history, and Gene Stallings was a total prick. Much like the Ohio St series a decade later, we could have won both games, but settled with, uhh, losing both. The home game with ‘Bama was Jamie Barnett’s first start (Jose Laureano(sp?) had gotten kicked off the team earlier in the week). It was a month after Fran hit.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the point of the article, which is the total embarrassment that is our yearly OOC scheduling, which I unfortunately continue to do my small part in funding. However, I have no desire for a one-and-doner in Tuscaloosa. I see no benefit in that move whatsoever, with nothing in return. A lose-lose proposition.



    Duke is 20 miles from State, not 35. It’s crazy for us not to play them EVERY YEAR in football. It’s not only bad from a historical rivals standpoint, but it’s also a very bad financial decision. I don’t care if Syracuse has to travel farther; they knew damn well they would when they agreed to join the ACC. Don’t punish us because of Syracuse’s geography.

    Another team we should be playing more often is Virginia Tech. Thanks to the divisions, we will never see the Hokies enough to establish a rivalry. I can’t remember the last time we played them. Why do we have to play Boston College EVERY year and never get to play VPI? Besides Clemson, Tech is more like us than any other ACC school in terms of the fan base.

    State fans may have lost their perspective as to just how bad we’ve gotten in football in the past decade. We have little if any bargaining power to attract good home opponents, but I honestly believe we’d be better off going on the road against really strong opponents than we are staying home and playing the ODUs, Richmonds, Georgia Southerns, Central Mixhigans, Louisiana-Lafayettes and Troys of the world. As a paying State fan, I’d rather watch us on tv against nationally ranked teams than shell out a hundred bucks for 2 seats to see us play Georgia Southern here.

    Especially at noon at the end of August. We will not build a program with this kind of game and exposure (ACC Network), and we might just get our you-know-what’s handed to us on August 30. We don’t need any more of these games, Ms. Yow!



    A gym buddy told me if we went to SEC we’d get our asses kicked. I said yeah but we’ll get our asses kicked in style.



    I will believe we are trying to schedule better when I see some damned results. We’ve been pretty well continuously at the bottom of the barrel, schedule-wise. That doesn’t happen every year by accident and/or bad luck.



    What’s the worst that happens, we go to Tuscaloosa and lose?

    No. Ask Cutcliffe about the damage that can be done to a team and its season by sending them outmanned and outgunned against a fully loaded Alabama team.

    I for one hope we do not play them in the next two seasons.



    For 2015, another article came out a couple of days ago showing that Alabama is in dire need of an opponent for 2015.

    NC State – The girl Alabama picks up at “Last call”.

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