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    With Duke losing tonight to Wake Forest, if both Syracuse and State win, doesn’t that lock them in at 2 and us locked in at 7?



    Yes, BUT….

    There is NO WAY that State will play in the Les Robinson Invitational Wednesday games. Even if we lose to BC, we will only have 10 losses. Miami has 11….so that takes care of that.

    The BEST case scenario..

    Syracuse beats FSU….
    UVA beats MD
    State beats BC.

    THEN we have a solid lock on 7…

    As to Cuse….
    IF they win (beat FSU), then will they will still have 4 losses…

    UNC v. Duke THEN one will have 5 losses… they drop to FOURTH. The winner will also have 4 losses….but CUSE has beaten both DUKE and UNC during the regular season. Therefore, that becomes the tie breaker.

    Cuse will NOT be 2nd….the will be, TECHNICALLY, (again assuming they dispatch FSU) TIED with either one for second….as both will have 4 losses. However, as far as the seedings go, THEY (CUSE) gets the #2 slot, but will still be listed as TIED for second.

    Hope this helps



    The most important thing to note about Duke’s loss to WF is that Jabari Parker will still be Player of the Week regardless of this loss. Don’t want anyone to fret about that.

    (Plus, Roo answered the question at hand πŸ™‚ )



    Get out of my head wufpup, I was thinking that exact thought.



    Assuming State beats BC:

    1) Cuse beats FSU – Cuse is 2, Pack is 7.

    2) FSU beats Cuse – ??? is 2/3/4, but Pack is definitely 8.

    To confirm, we now can’t play a Friday Blue NO MATTER WHAT, because a loss to BC locks us into 8/9 matchup with Maryland, with their game against UVA mattering only for home team unis.

    In summary, State can now face ONLY Virginia or Syracuse in a hypothetical ACCT Friday matchup.



    one game at a time… we need to beat the Eagles first… then its simple, ‘Survive and Advance’

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