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    Today, as on every Monday during the season, the ACC released its weekly awards for the previous weekend’s football games. Most of the time, people ma
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    There is obviously a need for “an official review” of the ACC Moment (or whatever) Committee. As soon as three adults with certified mental sanity are found within the ACC HQ Campus, such will happen.

    Right now, I would certainly not trust any of the officials with any responsibility, save taking out the trash and cleaning the urinals…..and that may be overstating it.

    Where are the ADULTS? For this, we, the conference members, pay our “Franchise Tax”? Notice that you never hear about the ACC Executive Salaries or the ACC Officials…..there is a reason why…


    You can’t make this stuff up! LOL


    Can’t decide what was more note worthy, the effort of the Miami players to just keep it going – or the absolute clown show the refs put on.


    I think Ruffles meant



    That play put u*nc in first place of the coastal. Of course the acc office is going to give it preference.


    Beyond yet more ACC stupidity, here is my exit question: can Aventuroo complete a post WITHOUT using all caps? 🙂



    probably not, but i try. used to write capital requests for a division of a major fortune 500 company. ranging from $10K to $5kk (mm). executives (president, ceo, coo, vp’s, etc.) wanted the executive summary punched up a bit. they were speed readers and only had time for the gist of the project.

    other time was spent working on their handicap. so, we started using capitals and bold to emphasize points or key words.

    like a preacher. ever listened to a good revival evangelist or even a good every sunday minister. they use timing, inflection, pace, volume, pitch, tone, etc. to accentuate points and also to get their message across.

    same is true for powerpoint with color and bold and flying icons and circling words. you makes ur point by emphasis and you uz the tools that u got.

    now if i used all caps, that would be rude and shouting. i do work on this… should have been around when i wuz really bad.

    will try to cut back if it bothers you….but after 9 years of retirement, the habit is still there….


    That is a classic, Roo. I vote for using the cap key as needed.

    I do not understand how some of these people in Greensboro keep their jobs. To whom are they accountable? The game officials, suspend them for two games? Are they being reprogrammed? How are they going to come back in two weeks and be any better? If they are being reprogrammed, maybe send along the back judges from our game for a refresher course.


    Well Karl Hess obviously learned his lesson.

    Also, what do you think swoff’s reaction would be if the refs next wore all those initials on their shoes.


    What else would you expect from a league that suspended the referee crew for blowing the call that determined the winner of the game, yet let the final score stand because the result can’t be changed?

    Yes indeedy, folks, this is John Swofford’s “New And Improved ACC” at its best.


    As one scribe, BobLeeSays, commented or I am paraphasing…..Swoff’s handling of “[email protected]” makes Hillary Clinton’s handling of Benghazi look like the PERFECT PR JOB….and should be the subject of a Harvard Business Review article on Crisis PR and Containment.

    You gotta wonder whether they have any adults in supervisory roles at “the ACC”….and if they have such modern conveniences as Biscuit Can phones, connected by waxed string. For those of you that have 1945 or less in your birthday, you probably made one of them.

    The beat goes on….


    You gotta wonder whether they have any adults in supervisory roles at “the ACC”….

    Based on Swofty costing the conference millions to get little Johnny a promotion at Raycom, I’d say it’s a safe bet lots of ACC positions are filled via graft, favors, nepotism, and quid pro quo. Probably even worse than the NC State administration and other positions, pre Woodson.

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