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    WV Wolf

    A while back I ran across a site with an interesting premise for an alternative national championship for college football, what if the winner of the
    [See the full post at: ACC Football Heavyweight Championship]


    Wow WV, I bet that was a pain in the arse to go thru the ACC belt lineage, not to mention the associated stats (reigns/total days). Hat tip to you, Sir.

    WV Wolf

    Thanks, the associated stats are stuff I do for my job all the time so it wasn’t that big a deal. Going through the schedules took a little work but it was kinda interesting to see how it all played out.


    Lol… this is all we got.

    Interesting work, WVW



    I want my replica!


    I like it. I vote for this system. Better than BCS, better than playoffs. Nice work, too.


    Hey WVWolf!

    Nice work…

    How long would it take to crank one of those out for Basketball ?

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!
    Prowling Woofie

    Really nice work, WV…

    Hard to believe as inept as we’ve been in football, we top the list of belt holders 🙂


    thats awesome! nice work WVW.


    Can we hang some banners in CF????

    "Whomp 'em, Up, Side the Head"!


    Cool concept. Get ready to bring that baby back to Raleigh I just a couple weeks!


    I have been contemplating a valid response to this and the only thing that has been in my head since reading the post is how would we compare 70s-80s wrestlers to the current ACC programs. Here is my stupid response:

    Atlantic (The Crockett-in-Charlotte division)
    FSU = Ric Flair (19-time world champion) They are the man, were the man, and perhaps might always be the man.
    Clemson =
    BC = Larry Zybyszko — Great in other regions long ago, but basically an over-glorified contender.
    NC State = Black Jack Mulligan — 1979 was the last time this name meant much.
    WF = Dusty Rhodes — There was a massive spot on Rhodes gut which galls me to this day. And he only won the title by technicality.
    Louisville = Gene Anderson — Head twitch.
    Syracuse = Angelo Mosca — Who?

    Coastal (The Crocketts-Move-to-Dallas division)
    UN* = Tommy ‘Wildfire’ Rich — The girls might love him, but he never won when it counted.
    Duke = Ricky ‘the Dragon’ Steamboat — Not a true top dog but one most will pull for. Only challenged for the title a few times.
    Miami = Nikita Koloff — The Russian Sickle was deadly (Miami of the 80s) but his disappearance from earth mirrors Miami’s irrelevance in our conference.
    Va Tech = Harley Race — Great champion of yesteryear, but almost faded into complete obscurity. Hopefully resurgent, Race almost died but regained to championship form (read his book if you get a chance).
    UVa = Greg ‘the Hammer’ Valentine — Best known for his ability to look inebriated, the Hammer was a staple in the NWA but never much challenged for the title (USHWT doesn’t count.)
    Pitt = Johnny Valentine — Most don’t realize how much of a powerhouse they were. Now a forgotten champion.
    Ga Tech = Johnny Weaver — The sleeper hold is perhaps the worst finishing move in wrestling history (much like the triple option in CFB)

    Notre Dame = Haystacks Calhoun — Only good because he weighed 7 times what everyone else did (TV contract that no one else shares)!


    Edit: Clemson = Tully Blanchard — World Television Champion. Great on TV but never the Numero Uno!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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