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    Gotta give the league credit for being a step ahead. Probably long overdue:

    AMELIA ISLAND, Fla. — The ACC will use a 30-second shot clock during exhibition games on an experimental basis for the upcoming season, commissioner John Swofford said Thursday.

    “Our coaches and ADs both felt it would be an enhancement to the game in today’s world,” Swofford said. “It adds more possessions and potentially would speed up the game.”

    “That’s where the game is headed,” Pitt coach Jamie Dixon told ESPN’s Andy Katz at the NBA draft combine in Chicago. “We want to be ahead of the game. We want to provide data and see what it’s like.”


    The kids don’t learn how to play defense in High School ball…
    The kids don’t learn how to play defense in AAU ball…

    Why waste time trying to make them do it for two years in college,
    cause they damn sure don’t play any defense in the NBA.

    Go figure…

    Then blame it all on the fans, because the fans don’t want to see it…
    The fans only want to see open, high scoring games with lot’s of highlight reel dunks…

    I don’t know what fans they’ve been talking to, ’cause it ain’t none of us.

    I’m calling BS on this…

    The only good things possible are…
    We’ll have 5 seconds less of S&^ty defense to watch every possession from the Pack Five and
    we won’t be yelling at the screen when our kids idly watch their opponents roll the ball up the court.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Good thing this didn’t happen 12 years ago.


    Bill, it sounds like you got some sand in your rum and coke! I’ve been watching the NBA playoffs and I’ve seen plenty of good D and excellent passing, so don’t blame it on them. I’ve also seen plenty of college games with teams just standing around on offense for a good portion of their possession, so I don’t have any problem with the shorter clock. I think it’s an easier sell to get kids to play tough D with a shorter clock. And, the women use a 30 second clock and their game seems to be just fine.

    As far as the kind of game I’d like to see, yes, it would be an “open” game with less grabbing and fouling and more emphasis on skill. And that includes defense.


    Ply has a point. These NBA playoffs have been crazy good. And I’m seeing a lot of solid defense, too. But when Durant and LeBron get going, I don’t care who you are, there is no defense to stop it. They are incredible offensive talents.

    I just see this as inevitable.


    This should allow for an increase in the number of possessions in each game. It may bother the HSSSers who are still attached to the weave-and-heave, but I like the rule change, and would love it more if a 25-second clock were installed. As long as we don’t go to the graduated lane, this game will still be good.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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