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    Last week had several games worthy of note: BC pulls off another home upset by beating FSU mid-week. (Betting line FSU -3.5).
    [See the full post at: ACC Basketball Update (1-22)]


    Clemson lost their second best player due to injury. They aren’t a deep team so expect them to fall considerably, just as ND has done. As for the Pack, better than anyone expected at this point I think.


    Thanks for the update on the Clemson injury

    The Tigers knocked off Notre Dame for the first time ever on Saturday, but the euphoria from the 67-58 triumph at Littlejohn Coliseum was tempered by a late-game injury to senior forward Donte Grantham, who left the game with 10:54 remaining and didn’t return.

    On Sunday, Coach Brad Brownell’s worst suspicions were confirmed when an MRI revealed that a torn ACL in Grantham’s right knee will effectively end his playing career at Clemson…

    Grantham, who started 113 of 114 games at Clemson, ranked second on the team in scoring at 14.2 points per game and rebounding at 6.9 per game. He was shooting a career-best 56 percent from the floor, including 42 percent from 3-point range, and was a key reason that the Tigers are 16-3 overall and 5-2 in the Atlantic Coast Conference and bidding for their first NCAA Tournament berth since the 2010-11 season.


    Not as devastating as Clemson’s, but I forgot to mention it when I was doing this week’s update:

    Notre Dame basketball is having a tough time with injuries, adding DJ Harvey to the list, who will miss four weeks with a bone bruise…

    We saw what Harvey was capable of in his first career start against NC State. He found his rhythm shooting six-of-nine from the floor and three-of-four beyond the arc for 17 total points. The guard also pulled down three rebounds in the 30-point victory for the Irish.


    A great update, VaWolf82. Thanks. I appreciate your effort.


    Agreed, a great update. I always enjoy the analysis.
    Also – in Blacksburg, it looks like VT may get a win over the holes. That’ll probably get Roy good and PO’d and looking to prove a point going into our game with them on Saturday.


    I think losing a legitimate national player of the year candidate in Colsen is easily the biggest personnel loss any team in the conference has had. Grantham is probably second though because Clemson has much less talent.


    That’ll probably get Roy good and PO’d and looking to prove a point going into our game with them on Saturday.

    HOKIES WIN BY 11 ~+= which otherwise would be just cause for celebration, but…

    let’s see…

    1. Keatts first trip to the Dean Dome… remember it took Jimmy 11 trips to bring home a W….
    2. Uncle Roy hates State worse than Dook…
    3. His hotshot kids got ‘humbled’ tonight in the mountains…
    4. Five days to regroup and prepare…

    Yeah… Roy should be ready by Saturday…
    if he don’t have a medical event first…


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Even before last night’s game, had State’s game at VT as the second toughest game left on State’s schedule (obviously behind Chapel Hell).

    They only give State a 22% chance of winning in Blacksburg.


    Hey, if you had told me after Clem’s Son Part I and the Holy Friars that we would be anywhere near bubble talk, I would have ordered two of what you were drinking.

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    Road wins help even if it is Pitt. Rpi now 72.


    Well we’ve played three terrible games with no defense and just passing around outside and shooting 3’s we could’t hit. And we won two (come from behind) of them and one on the road!
    Hope we get a AZ/Duke effort at the cheaters as I think they can be had because they aren’t as strong as their ranking.
    Yeah based on what I see with what little he has to work with I LOVE Keatts! He’s doing more than Gott did with twice the tallent. Imagine if Smith Jr was on this team!
    And man is UVA for REAL or what?! May be their year.


    Imagine if Smith Jr was on this team!

    Welcome back GC.. we’ve missed you…
    and fwiw, there’s maybe a dozen people here who know what “The Golden Chain” really is…

    Now… the observation above derives from three totally different scenarios…

    1. Keatts is the new Coach who inherited DSJ…
    2. Keatts is the old Coach who recruited and landed DSJ…

    Case 1: I really got my doubts… I think they might have made each miserable for one season…
    Case 2: Yeah… Keatts woulda showed DSJ some things, but if DSJ was a solid one and done… I still got my doubts as to how much would stick after just one season…
    Case 3: DSJ, just like CAT, would have 1st Team ALL ACC and maybe MVP after a couple of season, but even then… he wouldn’t have gotten a proportional amount more on his first NBA contract…

    So… it’s all ancient history, water under the bridge, anyway…

    GO PACK!

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    IMHO Keatts is not looking for 1 and done types. Those types are not really coachable and don’t really make good anchors to build a team around.


    In the current basketball environment you are going to get one and dones even if you recruit kids that you don’t think are one and done. And if he doesn’t recruit kids that “could” be one and done (ie high 4 stars), then we won’t consistently be a player in the ACC. I’d imagine Keatts would take one and done 5 star if it’s the right kid (ie he would have taken Bagley, Carter, Williamson, etc if they would have us).
    Let’s just hope he recruits the “right” kids and not kids that come in selfish. But if it’s the right kids who happens to be a probable one and done, you gotta take him.


    But if it’s the right kids who happens to be a probable one and done, you gotta take him.

    Character always matters. Obviously it can be hard to judge the character of an 18 year old, but bad characters are not usually that difficult.

    There’s a difference in recruiting someone who is one-and-done versus recruiting a team of one-and-doners like Kentucky. The chances of State being in the later category any time soon is essentially zero. But in the end, I agree with mat. I would go even further and say that you need that level of talent to move to the top of the ACC.


    Character always matters. Obviously it can be hard to judge the character of an 18 year old, but bad characters are not usually that difficult.

    WTFReak? Thank you voice of ‘whatever’. And the school 25miles down the road has how many banners with how many players that were kept eligible by what fake class means?!

    And spare me the self righteous ‘well if I can’t win fair and square’ BS. Everett Case didn’t live by that, he was a live by the sword die by it kind of competitor!
    Thank you for being soft wooshie.


    Va…you got your work cut out for ya this week.

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