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    Tudor is discussing three factors in the Pack’s win last night. The second factor he mnetions scheduling. I have yet to understand the moaning the coaches have in this whole thing. Yes I would love to go back to playing each team twice. It does make for a unbalanced schedule when we play UNC, FSU, Duke twice and then turn around and play the bottom dwellers once. This notion of too many games in the semester is a little bit of whinning. I think the quick turnaround can be beneficial. Is Tudor saying if the game is tonight or tomorrow they don’t win? That’s crap! Everyone has to deal with the tight turnaround. Besides ND got to stay at home for the game AND the Duke game. Didn’t have to navigate all the travel issues with the weather. This is such a weak factor to give a reason for a win. You have to be mentally tough every night. The talk last year was how the Pack always followed up a big win(UNC or Duke ) with a loss. Almost doesn’t matter who they play. I think you can say that about a lot of teams that are consistently in the middle every year. ND is just a good team. That’s it. They got a big win against a team that has potential to be real good but right now doesn’t have enough role players(Duke). This is weak journalism.

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    I remember K whining about the move to 18 games, but don’t really remember anyone else speaking up. But Tudor is rambling in that paragraph and I can’t figure out what his point is.

    As long as the total number of games is held constant, there can’t be any logical reason not to increase the conference schedule some. For instance, State played the following BCS teams in their OOC schedule – Cincy, Tenn and Mizzu…AND that’s without playing in an early-season tourney. Personally, I would swap two of these games for two more ACC games (even though there’s an argument to be made for playing schools from other big conferences).


    Gowolves, you did a super job posting your first topic. Your biggest mistake is that you aren’t posting MORE!! We need one or two new topics a day from you. That is your charge!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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