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    Link There are a series of pictures floating around the internet that are alleged to be the throwback jerseys that adidas is producing for the basketb
    [See the full post at: A message to adidas]


    Anything with Tuffy — especially pre-haircut — is LRM-approved.

    Although I worry folks will be confused by which “State” we are without the NC in front of it.


    I must say the jersey combo brought a tear to my eye. Please be legit.


    Those are the best pants I have ever seen for NC State. If the shirts said NC State as opposed to just State, they would be as well.

    Adidas: If you actually read this or care, please make these. They should be our standard uniform.

    I will also tell you that if you make these for the consumer market, I will buy them. I would buy them for my children as well.


    Rye, I’m 180 opposite on State vs NC State on the jersey. The inclusion of the NC carries the implication that we aren’t immediately identifiable in a red or white basketball jersey that says STATE. Everybody knew where we were from when DT, Towe, and Burleson wore them. Nobody had to ask which State Lowe, Thurl, and Whit played for. But then I don’t like the inclusion of the NC is the Block S either. Just an old stick in the mud traditionalist I guess. Totally agree about Tuffy.


    I absolutely LOVE the Tuffy look, but if you really wanted me to get all emo you would put this across the back:



    Tex: I don’t live in NC any more. We have a serious branding problem outside the state of NC.

    We’re State and we have a block S as our prime logo. Both are fairly generic.

    Our problem isn’t with connecting with people who remember DT, were adults when we won it in 1983, or even with rabid college basketball fans. It’s with connecting with the larger audience with a brand that can’t be watered down or confused.

    There is but one NC State. Be proud and wear it across the front.


    The tweet reads more like a request than proof of evidence, however, I agree w/ Mista on this.. I too got a bit misty @ the sight of that.

    If they ARE legit, I also will stock up.


    I guarantee that if you polled all who buy season tickets in the PNC as to whether or not they liked State or NC State better, State would win by a mile.

    Why did we ever change it in the first place? Ever since we did, we’ve basically had nothing but trouble in this program.

    It sure works well for Michigan State. If you’re good enough, you shouldn’t have to explain it to those who are geographically challenged.

    Bring back the State jerseys and KEEP them!


    Although I worry folks will be confused by which “State” we are without the NC in front of it.

    So, what you’re saying is that it would end up being a State of confusion.


    If you’re good enough, you shouldn’t have to explain it to those who are geographically challenged.

    I like that line of thinking. And it might even help the announcers who can’t help saying “Carolina State”. Just effing STATE.


    The problem and confusion isn’t with the people sitting in the PNC. When it comes to university branding, the existing customer isn’t your target market. They’ll buy or recognize anything.

    NC State needs to start thinking outside of the border of the state of North Carolina………


    I understand that perspective. But I disagree completely.

    Our marketing seems to spend so much effort promoting the “brand” to outsiders, that it neglects those of us who really matter — those of us to which State is far more than a brand.

    It’s what made the Our State campaign so brilliant at the time — we were marketing to ourselves.


    Valvano was the coach who first put the “NC” on the jerseys FWIW. ’85-’86 I wanna say, but it coulda been a year later. Was definitely there when we won the ACC Tourney in ’87. (Also FWIW, Les went back to just “STATE” sooooo….)

    When it first happened I was highly pissed. Now not so much. Just win, Baby.


    My problem isn’t really with the “NC.” It just seems to me that our marketing does a poor job representing our fan base — it’s all about expanding brand recognition.

    I’m not buying a shirt with a hashtag or six logos and swirls on it.


    I don’t understand why we let any apparel company design our uniforms. We need input and the final say on all uniforms. What disasters Addidas has produced. Remember the horizontal stripe across the hips last season during the ncaas. Or the Walmart-looking “destiny” pajama tops that we and every other Addidas team wore in the tournament.

    Are you listening Debbie ?

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