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    Assuming the SI report is true and George McDonald is leaving Syracuse to take the same position at NC State, I did a little researched to help us get
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    I’m wondering what happened with Frisman Jackson. Leads me to wonder if there is any relationship between this and Bo Hines transferring out?

    Star true freshman WR leaving the program + WR Coach change = ????????


    I don’t know this for sure but the last few seasons we have season some real shaky hands at the WR position, Bo Hines obviously excluded from that. Maybe there were differences of opinion on how to prepare our young student athletes and the on field product didn’t necessarily reinforce what we were doing was working well.

    the new guy seems to be well regarded and come in with great experience and ties to S. Florida. Welcome and lets tear it up out there!


    If true, this guy sounds great!


    … the last few seasons we have season some real shaky hands at the WR position …

    … just curious… does the WR Coach “teach guys to catch”…
    or does he make guys that can catch better …

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Bill I’m not quite sure where you are going with that… especially making guys that can catch better. But I will say this. There is a stark difference between the receiving corps of today’s performances versus that during the Amato years. I would say the last two years drop % I haven’t really seen the likes of since the O’cain era.

    Now, I’ve coached youth football for years in the past but don’t claim to be an expert. However, the drops I’m sure haven’t gone unnoticed by the head coach. I can’t say that I have seen much improvement, granted I don’t get to see practices. Also, one would assume coach Doeren mentioned that we need better production out of the WRs. My experience with people is that they take feedback several different ways. Some people can take the DD approach, I haven’t done a good enough job and I have to do better. Most people like hearing that. Others point fingers, they exclaim how they should be left to do their job, they exclaim they can’t go execute for the players. I’m not saying the conversation ever took place, or that the coach responded less than appropriately.

    I’m just saying I can easily envision a scenario where Coach DD and prior coach have a difference of opinion regarding cause/improvement and DD choosing (or prior wr coach choosing) to look for talents (or take their talents) elsewhere. Just saying its plausible in my mind not that it is likely or anything. Hope that clarifies where I was going.


    kappa… actually I was thinking about two things…

    1. I don’t much about football… but with the basketball kids coming out with Stars – 90% really need to take two years and learn how to play the game while playing the game and to work on areas that are fundamentally deficient…

    so I wondered if the said might be true with football recruits??

    2. I know alot guys get moved to WR from QB and RB especially… just like some guys move from WR to DB…
    But at the end of the day… I wondering if we have been recruiting guys that already (like Hines) who come in and can play quickly if needed…. and if we really have true depth at those positions?


    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    McDonald was widely regarded as [Syracuse’s] top recruiter with deep ties to South Florida

    I like this part …


    Hmm I think we are working with what we have and I think we are redshirting some descent WR’s. I’m hopeful for the future with what we have and I’m confident that if what we have isn’t getting it done those boys down in FL will come up here and show us how to catch a football.

    Bill I think you are right that some folks might have been converted to WR’s from RB and thus weren’t recruited to have great hands. However, coaches have to know who can catch and who can’t and limit the playing time to those that can hold on to it. If I remember correctly we have a 4 star redshirt WR from Charlotte that should play next year. People speak of Nysheim Hines as if he can play WR too. I think people can learn/be coached how to catch more consistently. I think their talent/early level coaching got them this far. I think a good fundamental WR coach can get those folks past where we have been these last few years.


    Wide receiver coaches are essentially recruiters. We need all the help recruiting we can get. Nothing has to be ‘wrong’ to upgrade at any given position.


    If the change was made by Coach D and not as the result of someone moving on the greener pastures (I can see either happening) my thought is rather simple. On offense was saw improvement in most all areas with the exception of the WR corps. Bo Hines being an exception. If you can find someone who appears better able to teach the position and is a well regarded recruiter one would think that is an upgrade. Maybe totally Coach D’s decision or maybe having a hole to fill and making a good hire. Either way I think this is a plus.

    Alpha Wolf

    Sounds like a good hire, and it sounds like Coach Doeren is interested in dipping his toes in the south Florida talent pool.


    On offense was saw improvement in most all areas with the exception of the WR corps.

    Essentially what I was thinking.

    However, from my vantage point, their was improvement at every position, defense included, except WR. Actually, in some cases, individuals regressed. I also didn’t see much ‘coaching up’ of Bo Hines. He came into the program with talent and skills.

    Given the position and his expertise, I’m interested in reading CD’s perspective.


    I like the move and recruiting experience of GM. Why would he leave Syracuse to come to NC State – seems like lateral move to me? I’m not complaining, just wondering… More $$ and better weather?



    Wolfpackrox: The replacement WR coach started the year as the OC for Syracuse and was demoted mid-season. He wanted out.

    Now that doesn’t explain taking a lateral position. More running from something than to something.

    Pros are recruiting and the fact that he has an interest in up tempo styles. That’s what he brought to Syracuse, but I didn’t follow them closely enough to know why it didn’t work.

    The most interesting part of this whole thing to me is that this was coach #2 fired in two years by DD, and both of them were on his staff at Northern…..

    Lunatic Fringe

    Name one guy who Frisman brought in to NC State as a recruiter. I believe that will answer your question on why there is being a change at a position that is historically meant for good recruiter.


    There isn’t enough bandwidth to discuss the WO position.

    Besides, I’d need clarification regarding what is meant by improvement and regression.

    Pass catching? Route running and separation? Defensive recognitions? Blocking?

    The dropsies seem to be a point raised a couple of times, so what’s up with that?

    First, the inconsistancies revolve around only 2 kids as I see it. Both seem to have one of the three essentials necessary in the actual act of catching a thrown ball, that being superior hand/eye coordination. Which, by the way, is not a coachable skill. Trainable? Yes, there are training techniques out there to improve, but I believe they are already in possession.

    The common denomenator for the 2 guys I have in mind is the absence of the other, two essentials:

    Confidence and concentration which, again, are not teachable in the classic sense. How far a coach can go with a kid lacking c/c is measured in the coach’s ability as a shrink.

    See. That only covers the single aspect of the actual ball procurement, and really has little to do with teaching.

    Coaching and teaching the Wide Out position is a conpletely different animal, unassociated with the dropsies.

    BTW. Samuels and Alston clearly possess the 3 essentials. I like Flowers and Ramos, too. There are other aspects in their game that are holding the process up. One impediment to their progression now resides in New England.


    CD^ is the implication that Bo was somehow an impediment to Flowers and Ramos? Short of taking their PT, was there something more there that would indicate Bo is moving on for more reasons than political ambitions?


    The only implication meant was that Hines was ahead of the curve, and consequently took time away from others.

    Rightly so.


    The only implication meant was that Hines was ahead of the curve, and consequently took time away from others.

    But Hines’ playing minutes were sub par given his skills — which was my first thought when I heard he was leaving.

    I’ve wondered about the regression and ‘dropsies.’ Could be some were being over coached. Thinking is the enemy of hand/eye coordination. Think not? Ever toss a balled up piece of paper at a trash can — almost without looking and it goes right in. Try again thinking about it. Hardly every goes in the second time.

    Training new technique is for practice, not in front of 50.000 fans in C-F. Maybe not you, Mr. DOG but for a freshman or soph trying to earn playing time it will tighten up the muscles that need to be loose. Just an old man’s opinion.


    Well, we can scratch Marquez Valdes-Scantling off the list of WRs for next year. It looks like he has left the program. That’s one way to cure the dropsies.


    thanks for the clarification CD.
    2 WRs gone, WR coach fired…. clearly Doeren was not happy with the direction. Would not be surprised if Ramos leaves as well. Hope Hines v.2 and Sessoms are ready.


    Well…V/S was one of 2 that I was talking about.

    Fear not. Alston, Samuels, Flowers and Ramos, and a shrink session for Cherry…add Sessoms and I think they are in good shape.


    BTW has Mac been sighed yet? I sure hope DY works this out. 2 years of establishing NC State in FL, you can’t buy.
    I say 2 years because that’s about Mac’s average stay with a team. Nothing wrong there, just fact.

    I can see several scenarios that might turn out differently. We have to consider that Matt Canada might be leaving for an HC job especially if we are as successful as we could be. Mac fits right in with our offensive thinking and could be our OC in waiting although I don’t like that designation.

    While it was just a passing thought a couple of years ago, we just might be in position to challenge for the big prize sooner than any of us thought. A lot closer to that in football than basketball.

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