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    Thanks to many kind words for my previous previews and match blogs. Just trying to be a productive member of the Pack community. State goes to the land of the Corn Tassels for a big-time match with Nebraska. Here’s how I break it down:

    Sean Fausz (14-5) or Jamel Morris (8-1) vs. #9 Tim Lambert (18-5) – Huskers. Fausz wrestled well but still lost 7-2 to Zeke Moisey from WVU last time out. Lambert is a strong wrestler whose five losses are to ranked wrestlers. Also, Lambert has had a tough time out recently dropping three in a row; unfortunately for Fausz, those three losses are to guys ranked #1, #2, and #4 in the nation according to Intermat. Look for Sean to keep it to a decision, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if Lambert earned a major.
    Jamal Morris (11-4) vs. #13 Eric Montoya (18-6) – Huskers. Montoya, much like Lambert, is coming into this match with three straight losses courtesy of Iowa, Penn State and Ohio State. Montoya and Morris both have close losses to Emilio Saavedra of Old Dominion, so expect a close match here. I would love Morris to get his first win over a ranked opponent, especially considering how well he wrestled against Pitt and WVU in the last two times out. If 125 is the starting point, Nebraska will probably have a 6-0 lead.
    #3 Kevin Jack (18-3) vs. #19 Anthony Abidin (16-8) – State. Jack wins this one. Abidin is a strong wrestler but Jack is defending All-American. Jack might need to earn a bonus point to help State make-up for the first two matches. Jack has won eleven straight.
    Jake Deangelo (20-8) or Beau Donahue (10-8) or Chandler Pyke (7-5) vs. #5 Jake Sueflohn (21-3) – Huskers. Beau Donahue had a good showing in his last two matches, winning close decisions, but Sueflohn is ranked #5 for a reason. Sueflohn is coming off of a close loss against Iowa. This match will again be critical if Donahue can keep the score close.
    #5 Thomas Gantt (18-0) vs. #19 Tyler Berger (18-7) – State. Gantt might need a bonus point out of this one for the team score. Gantt had a bit of a scare in his last match needing a late takedown to force overtime and then a SV takedown to seal the victory. Berger is a solid B1G wrestler but a Freshman. Gantt’s experience should be the determining factor.
    #4 Max Rohskopf (10-1) vs. #14 Austin Wilson (18-4) – State. Max is probably the 2nd best wrestler in terms of top position State has (Gwiz of course is #1). Pitt even gave Max the standing point to start the 3rd period despite a scoreless tie up to that point.
    Nicky Hall (10-8) vs. #17 Micah Barnes (15-6) – Huskers. Nicky has dropped three in a row, and the last two were close decisions but Micah Barnes is a tested wrestler. Nicky needs to keep this one close to help with the team score.
    #18 Pete Renda (19-4) vs. #10 T.J. Dudley (15-3) – Huskers. Renda’s last match was confusing for me as he had a strong lead with riding time, and then an inordinately long blood timeout and two takedowns later, lead to an overtime loss. Renda can obviously win this match, as he has been wrestling as strong now as all year. Dudley is no slouch; his last loss was a one point decision to Matt McCutcheon from Penn State. If Renda continues to use his strong top-position skills, I think he can earn some back points and win this match, but for the preview’s sake, I’m giving a slight edge to Dudley.
    #15 Michael Boykin (14-5) vs. #14 Aaron Studebaker (15-6) – State. I like Boykin in this match only because he has wrestled back to back ranked opponents and earned victories in both. Boykin’s last loss was to Zach Nye of UVa 5-3, and he seems to have worked himself out of his funk from earlier this year/late last season. Studebaker is good as well, but both have losses to two of the same wrestlers (Rotert and Burak).

    #1 Nick Gwiazdowski (24-0) vs. #18 Collin Jensen (18-10) – State. Gwiz already has a major decision victory over Jensen from the Midlands. Gwiz will earn a bonus point victory.
    State’s dual team record is 20-0 which is the best in the country. The B1G overall is tougher with Penn State and Iowa basically a firm #1 and #2 team-wise, and Nebraska is 9-4 on the season, dropping their last three matches to Ohio State, Penn State and Iowa. This is State’s toughest test since Oklahoma State, mostly because Nebraska has a strong wrestler at State’s strong classes.

    Final analysis: I count five matches for each team, and State’s team wrestling has been so good, that it’s tough to pick against them. I think State earns the road win with Gwiz’s bonus point victory. Final score: 18-16.


    Yikes. Gonna be tight one.
    Huskers having faced extreme competition lately is worrisome. One match tipping the wrong way and…poof.


    I thought this might be on the BTN Network. They broadcast a good many of their conference matches. Sadly not. Looks like the only option is their paid stream. I guess I’ll have to look for an “alternative” 🙂


    Thanks for the preview. Huskers look stacked, ranked athletes at every weight class. Makes me wonder what Penn State must look like…Also emphasizes that point that State has to continue to excel at team wrestling. Huge test.

    If anybody finds a way to watch, please post.


    NC State Wrestling is victorious over Nebraska in Lincoln tonight!! The match was tied at 12, when the 157-pounders took to the mat and Tommy Gantt earned a major decision 11-3, followed by Max Rohskopf’s 4-1 decision to seal the victory for the Pack. Hell of a job tonight, despite close losses by Boykin and Renda.


    Forgot to add a huge upset as Sean Fausz beats #9 Lambert 5-4!!


    Talk about a superb team effort! Despite losing at 184, 197, 133, 149, and 174, not one of those losses was a bonus point loss!! Gwiz and Gantt earned bonus point victories!! On to face Va Tech and Missouri to close out the season!!


    That’s awesome.
    Thanks for the updates Sacco.


    It should be mentioned that Gwiz won via injury default early in the 1st, making the team score 6-6. I expected a bonus point win, not necessarily 6 so that was good.

    I followed the match via @PackWrestle live Tweet, would have loved to have seen it. BTN has a wrestling wrap-up show, maybe they’ll have some highlights.


    Awesome. Nice that something good happened tonight besides Satan losing to the Irish .

    Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. Mao Zedong


    Huge effort, amazing win.

    This is a special group.

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