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    As we quickly approach yet another football season I have a question for you guys. Of course after losing our NFL stock defensive line all we’re hearing is all the holes we have to fill on defense. That’s obvious, but after reflecting on last season, the pain and misery that was sitting in Charlotte watching South Carolina pick our defense apart, watching the sack parade at the start of the Notre Dame game then watching it vanish, watching Wake Forest score at will and on and on I find myself not so worried about the studs we lost but the Defensive Coordinator we have coming back. I mean, let’s be serious for a second, for a team that sent a locker room full of guys from defense to the NFL we/NC STATE gave up 25.23 points per game. So, where did and does the problem lie??? Coordinator, sh*tty defensive backs or just the stellar lineup we faced the likes of John Wofford. Just wandering



    Ted Roof is the X-factor here. For as good as our starting D-Line was last year, the stats were NOT as good as 2017. Even SBNation noted that in this “preview”/back-handed compliment. Our defense has yet to become super-special and scheme is a large part of that. I would like to see more blitzing and more disguised coverages, but Huxtable generally runs a vanilla 4-3. Our linebackers last year were especially susceptible to routes over the middle from TEs and RBs. Also, run stoppage was an issue in games against Clemson and BC in particular. I’m hoping that the coaches have some nice scheme changes to really give us a different look this year. With all the talent up-front, a basic scheme was still good, but those guys are gone. Insert creativity (where Roof needs to make his coin).

    Lastly, don’t let anyone tell you that we lost that WF game. The only reason we lost, is the ACC doesn’t use goalline cameras. By the way, are those going to be installed this year? #ACCGonnaSwoff



    I am not just saying this to say this, I live in Winston and was at the Wake game. I sat exactly on the goal line right at “the play”. Again not just saying this but in live time there was zero doubt he crossed the goal line.

    Speaking of Wake Forest, I have come to despise their tiny fan base.



    Well, Hux/Doeren actually run the 4-2-5 with the hybrid nickel/lb. Doeren stated at the ACC media conference that the plan will not change. Stop the run first, even if that means leaving our dbs on an island. I guess the idea is that the 4-2-5 gives a little more flexibility in covering spread/rpo offenses.
    Im all for stopping the run, and we are generally quite good at it, but the secondary personnel has not fit that scheme well, to date. Hoping that Stephen Griffin really makes a difference back there this fall.

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