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    In honor of the release of the ACC announcing early season game times I’d like take a look at each ACC team’s non-conference schedule and take a shot at ranking them based on last year’s results. I admit right now I have no idea who lost whom and who is bringing in who so I simply looked at records and where they are playing.

      Atlantic Division

    Boston College: @UMass(1-11), USC(9-4), Maine, Colorado St.(7-6) (1 BCS)
    Clemson: @Georgia(8-4), South Carolina State, Georgia State(0-12), South Carolina*(10-2) (2 BCS)
    Florida State: Oklahoma State(10-2), The Citadel, Notre Dame**(8-4), Florida*(4-8) (3 BCS)
    Louisville: Murray State, @FIU(1-11), @Notre Dame**(8-4), Kentucky*(2-10) (2 BCS)
    NC State: Georgia Southern, Old Dominion, @USF(2-10), Presbyterian
    Syracuse: Villanova, @Central Michigan(6-6), Maryland(7-5), Notre Dame**(8-4) (2 BCS)
    Wake Forest: @Louisiana-Monroe(6-6), Gardner-Webb, @Utah St(8-5), Army(3-9)

      Coastal Division

    Duke: Elon, @Troy(6-6), Kansas(3-9), Tulane(7-5) (1 BCS)
    Georgia Tech: Wofford, @Tulane(7-5), Georgia Southern, @Georgia*(8-4) (1 BCS)
    Miami: Florida A&M, Arkansas St.(7-5), @Nebraska(8-4), Cincinnati(9-3) (1 BCS)
    North Carolina: Liberty, San Diego St.(7-5), @ECU(9-3), @Notre Dame**(8-4) (1 BCS)
    Pitt: Delaware, @FIU(1-11), Iowa(8-4), Akron(5-7) (1 BCS)
    Virginia: UCLA(9-3), Richmond, @BYU(8-4), Kent St.(4-8) (1 BCS)
    Virginia Tech: William & Mary, @Ohio St.(12-1), ECU(9-3), Western Michigan(1-11) (1 BCS)

    *Annual Rivalry
    **Scheduled by ACC

    Ranking (Toughest to Weakest)
    1. Florida State
    2. Clemson
    3. Syracuse
    4. Virginia Tech
    T5. UNC
    T5. Miami
    T5. Virginia
    T8. Boston College
    T8. Georgia Tech
    T8. Pittsburgh
    T8. Louisville
    12. Duke
    13. Wake Forest
    14. NC State

    Agree? Disagree? How would you rank them? Also, notice how difficult it is to schedule a BCS team? Only 12 out of 14 ACC teams were able, 11/14 if you discount UNC for the ACC scheduling ND for them.


    Wait, how will the Holes and Louisville even survive as athletic programs? I thought that 7 home games was an absolute essential for bare survival? I mean, that’s what the powers-that-be always tell us when we complain about the schedule, right?

    1.21 Jigawatts

    Nice catch. Don’t forget GT and WF as well, it must be because they scheduled 8 home games the year before or after the 6 home game season right??

    Louisville 2013 (7 home games) 2014 (6) 2015 (7) NOPE
    Wake Forest 2013 (6) 2014 (6) 2015 (6) NOPE
    Georgia Tech 2013 (7) 2014 (6) 2015 (6) NOPE
    North Carolina 2013 (7) 2014 (6) 2015 (??) NOPE 2 games on books: 1 Home (Illinois) 1 Neutral (So.Carolina)

    Doesn’t North Carolina know they have to schedule wins to give them a chance at making the Beef O’Brady Bowl?? Why would anyone schedule a BCS team, let alone 2 BCS teams in the same season?!?!


    NC State and Wake Forest and Duke University – sounds about right. And neither Wake nor us even have our occasional “rivalry game *” against Appalachian State.

    More food for thought:

    Florida State Doak Campbell Stadium 82,300 1950
    Clemson Memorial Stadium 81,500 1942
    Miami Sun Life Stadium 76,500 1987
    Virginia Tech Lane Stadium 66,233 1965
    Pittsburgh Heinz Field 65,500 2001
    North Carolina Kenan Stadium 62,980 1927
    Virginia Scott Stadium 61,500 1931
    Louisville Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium 55,000 1998
    Georgia Tech Bobby Dodd Stadium 55,000 1913
    Syracuse Carrier Dome 49,250 1980
    Boston College Alumni Stadium 44,500 1957
    Duke Wallace Wade Stadium 33,941 1929
    Wake Forest BB&T Field 31,500 1968

    NC State Carter Finley Stadium 57,583*** 1966

    ***Pending downsize to 30,000 to be consistent with comparable football programs and due to cancelled LTRs


    Both UNC and Louisville have much larger athletic budgets than NC State. In fact, Louisville has one of the largest in the country with close to $90 million.

    The issue isn’t ‘having 7 home football games’. The issue is having adequate revenue. Based on our sources of revenue, we do need a 7th game to fill in the hole. If we were bringing in $90 million a year I would venture to guess that our reliance on a 7th game would be much lower.


    Good luck increasing revenue by shitting all over your shareholders.

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