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    Whiteshoes – I agree. After the game Saturday I tried to post that the key to this team was improvement from barber. We simply have not rebounded and avoided silly fouls consistently enough in the Gott era to expect anything else.

    Our team is talented and athletic enough. We take care of the ball good enough…. but we’ll likely give up too many easy points to do much unless this team improves significantly.


    This doesn’t mean I don’t think we don’t have a shot at the tourney – we do.

    Oh yeah, regarding magic numbers I would say if we win 11 of our next 19 we are likely in. This means even if we went 0-7 against the rest of the account, we would have gone 11-1 vs rest of acc which would give us a solid RPI.


    Most long time Pack supporters such as myself will tell you they share a similar “hopeful” feeling at the start of every season. But, by season’s end, we collectively are reminded that, in fact, hope is indeed a bitch.


    The biggest issue I’m seeing so far is that we haven’t yet stabilized to consistent performances, including buckets (yes, TJ is consistently getting 20-30 points, but hasn’t been able to score down the stretch in the last couple of games).

    I suspect that Gott may tighten up his line-up starting with Pitt to try to nail the consistency. On the other hand, part of the consistency problem is foul issues for Cat and the Vandwagon, which are what is forcing us to play so many players.

    Either way, the preseason is over and it’s time to get our game together.

    Go Pack!


    “Let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane”…“I find I’m so excited, I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head.” Here’s to hoping we make it to Zihuatanejo.




    Comments to a front-page entry can apparently be made at the bottom of that entry or in the forums (based on my quick test). Since the forum thread that I deleted yesterday has reappeared, I assume that SFN management wants the discussion to be available from either location.

    This new feature should help in those instances where long conversations develop on multiple front page entries. We can all keep up with those conversations in the forums, instead of having to bounce back and forth between multiple front-page stories.


    This is the exact time of the year to begin determining who is in and who is out. I like this analysis and have it shaking out similarly. I had ND on the bubble before losing their player and NC State on the bubble as well (with UVA).

    With more and more games being played in conference, the out of conference schedule becomes even more important. It seems counter intuitive, but it’s the case. The league’s relative strength is determined by OOC play and there are fewer opportunities for that to go up or down.

    Our weaker teams have really hurt us this year. We have had some bad coaching hires (Johnson, Donohue, Gregory, Bzz) and at least one coach who I thought at the time was a good hire but who isn’t working out (Brownell). The league really needs to upgrade coaching before this is going to change. There’s no way coaches in over their heads (like the list above) are going to upgrade their schedules and risk a more rapid firing. They will continue to play against, and lose to, some RPI killing teams.

    With respect to NC State, we need Tennessee to make major noise in the SEC. That’s our only real win. Our Northwestern win is far less impressive, as shown by Wisconsin blowing them out at home. We also need Cincy and Mizzou to do well. I think Cincy will, but Mizzou may end up a bubble team themselves when all is said and done.

    I think the meltdown against Mizzou was far more damning than the loss to Central. Yes, the Central loss was bad, but in this day and age, a bad loss can be overlooked. Lack of quality non-conference wins is not overlooked (as Seth Greenburg can tell you). We had a golden chance to take one and let it slip away.

    Oh well, I still like this team. I have thought from the beginning that we’d be on bubble watch and one of the last 4 in. I still think we’ll be that way.


    Nice post. Making the NCAAs is going to be a strugggle. I just wnat to enjoy the year and maybe, who knows.

    The “sail with the pilot” reminded me of two things
    1) Food Town (bfore the changed their name)
    2) Murray Jarman – 6’6″ center for Clemson who had a 40some inch verticle.

Viewing 8 posts - 26 through 33 (of 33 total)
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