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    As a longtime State fan, my life is filled with angst and regret. It’s ok, I know the drill by now. Watch Louis CK (especially the “Louie” FX series) if you want to see a perfect example of applying NC State principles to everyday life.

    So…before a likely heartbreaking Saturday afternoon, I think it’s important to stop and smell the flowers for once. Because I really like watching and following this basketball team. Yeah, we lose games we shouldn’t, and freeze up from time to time. But damn it, I really LIKE these guys. They have great personalities, and it’s been a banner year for memes. The Wee Baby Seamus, Black Scott Wood, Hipster Cat, King Hippo, Frenchie Le Nard, the Jolly Green Giant. Don’t forget about the meme-less but still enjoyable Des and KW. And of course…Buckets. Watching a true all-time great blossom in front of our eyes. Seeing hard work (how many of you could have transformed your body that way as an addle-minded and oft-drunk college freshman?) pay off in spades. Seeing how his teammates love him, and how he smiles self-consciously when they mob him.

    If our fate is the NIT, then I will watch and not complain. Not because “I don’t gauge success based on this tournament or that tournament” – but I just don’t want the ride to end. They’ve given their all, and brought a Prague Spring of joy into our sullen wolven existence. And I’m very grateful.

    Now, I’m not averse to seeing us in front at the final whistle today, and f-ck it, tomorrow too. Call me greedy. And maybe even with Hipster Cat and WBS hugging it out and learning they can get along and play together, much like Fire and Ice learned to despite their initial friction. Hey, they played together and did so unselfishly yesterday, right? Moar, pleaz!


    Well said BJD.

    And I agree. These guys are far from smooth at times (minus Buckets, of course…he’s nearly always silky), and at times they make me want to slash my wrists. But dammit, they work hard and hustle even when things aren’t going well.

    Whatever fate awaits, these guys have earned a lofty place in my heart.


    I could NOT agree more…

    As promised at the beginning of the season…
    This has been a fun TEAM to watch…

    Just like watching your own kids grow up…

    And perhaps the best news is …. we are just getting started with most all of them.

    #NCSU-North Carolina's #1 FOOTBALL school!

    Hear, hear



    Go back to the beginning of the season. Near complete roster turnover. Picked 10th in the ACC. Depending on freshmen and transfers and a Senior whom had never been able to stay on the court or contribute.

    And today, here they are with a puncher’s chance at an NCAAT invitation.

    Go Wolfpack! You have earned that cheer.

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