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You gotta love it when you’re sitting here in Wake County (or elsewhere), unable to get out onto the roads, holding tickets to today’s game (as are about 19,000 others). The State Highway Patrol and numerous area media outlets are telling us to stay off the roads. The governor, on tv, says that this game should nevertheless be played without anyone there to watch (so that we could hear the bounce of the ball and the players’ conversations), and on top of that, the ACC Comish and the Wolfpack AD are encouraging everyone to stay home and watch it on tv.

Will there be a ticket exchange or a refund? I paid $70 for these tickets, not to mention WPC dues and LTR fees. Do the paying fans matter anymore?

I get it that rescheduling wouldn’t be that easy, but come on- these two schools are only 20 miles apart, and this game could easily have been played at a later date. It’s not like one school would have to fly its team in here.

With all due respect to our ACC and Wolfpack officials, you got this one wrong.