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My email was in response to a 3 line email congratulating the Lady Pack for their Duke victory. I did comment that I was pulling for a major turnaround at UNCH (past Saturday). For some reason, it got a 3 paragraph response….very detailed and “punched” from an iPhone at 2:30 AM.

Never can tell what you will get….but you WILL get a response….usually within an hour of sending an email.

I also deleted the ACC Tourney Ticket solicitation today. However, IF you wanted to make some $$, you would buy ALL the tickets that you can and go to DC. The scalpers there run them up more than any venue that I have ever seen. I have sold and purchased extra tickets at several ACC Tourneys, including DC over the past 20 or so years. NOTHING compares with the HOT TICKET market in DC. Listening to the folks on their cells on the Metro, if they get a ticket for less than 5 times face, it is the bargain of a lifetime….or it was in the mid 2000’s the LAST time (I think) that the Tourney was held in DC.

I ain’t going back there….even though I have free room and board and am close to the Metro…