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Back to your point about only having 9 scholarship players. You do realize Gott is competing against (and I hate to admit it) two of college basketball’s premiere programs. Others probably shied away from us for that reason (e.g. Callipari, Smart, Wright, etc…). Gott knew that recruiting against the blues would be a challenge, but accepted the job anyway. Does anyone in his right mind think that Gott only wanted 9 scholarship players this year? Does anyone think that he did not try to recruit 5 star talent? Stop and think about it, if you are a 5 star recruit, would NC State be at the top of your list – probably not. So he had an off recruiting year – it happens and will continue in the short term. I for one am not willing to re-live the Les, Herb, or Sidney years all over again. After a pattern of bad seasons then and only then would I entertain the idea of a coaching change. But until that happens, staying the course is the most prudent thing to do.