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92owen: I hope your source is correct. That’d be the best news I’ve heard about NC State basketball in a long, long, long time. One has to wonder how long Arch is willing to wait being “on deck” before millions come and pry him away next year. Florida almost did it last year.

Rye I wouldnt really call it a source. Just a few guys who have given tons on money over the years and know various people in the WPC and on the BOT. The main guys son was a student trainer (or whatever they are called) back in the late 90’s and knows Sean Miller really well. The son speaks incredibly highly of Herb and says he is the nicest guy you could possibly know. Herbs wife apparently freaked out when their kids starting catching crap at school back at the “Fire Herb” pinnacle. I am sure you guys already knew that though.

But yeah I think if Arch has a good season this year he is gone and if not this year most def next season. It sucks the timing is this close but appears its not going to work out. My point was mainly I dont think the coaching search would be a clustereff as before if Yow or whoever targeted Archie. I know for a fact he prefers the ACC so I guess there is that.