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Given NC State’s current coaching situation, my guess at our salary band, and our place in the pecking order, I think this was a good hire. There was no hire that we were going to make that wasn’t going to come with some risk. I’m glad we did this as opposed to promoting from within, which I thought we might do.

The thing about Boise is that they have a LOT of talent and have for a while. You can run a lot of schemes and be successful with that much talent. Here’s to hoping he is a good recruiter.

The most promising thing to me about the hire is what he did with a freshman QB this year. I don’t know much about that QB so maybe he was just really good, but I’m hoping it means he is running a system that is easy to pick up and that he knows how to bring a QB along. I never thought Canada was good at developing QBs, and that’s not jus revisionist history after year three. JB should have looked a lot better last year given he was the savior and had sat out a year and worked so closely with Canada.

If nothing else, this will pump some life into the offense. That’s definitely needed given all the questions.