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Aeight you are EXACTLY right, in fact I also believe you have read my mind. Now since you may have bordered on an “extreme” opinionated comment many of the sheep on here will scold you for such but no one has said it more absolutely correct. NC State plays at that level, NC State coaches at that level, NC State recruits at that level and NC State searches for coaches at that level. You want bold, here it is…the most exciting coach who recruited the most exciting players who had unbreakable pride for NC State was Chuck Amato. Now, he could of used a few good men directly under him to reign in some of the seemingly talented but dumb ass players (off sides on every play) but the guy had an identity. That guy had fire and that guy recruited Florida’s finest. DD on the sidelines has the appearance of a husband stuck in Belk’s with his wife. After this season I get it Coach D, I wouldn’t want to be there either.